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How To Quit Your Job To Pursue Your Passion

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People at one time or the other do quit their jobs for varieties of reasons. Ranging from unfair working conditions, having an unattentive boss, working with unsupportive co-workers or the job is not just providing them with the needed working experience desired. To me, my resignation was not as a result of any of these, as a matter of fact, it was quiting from a well paying job to pursue my passion and my own purpose in life.
Due to economic situation of the country, it was not really easy to secure such a highly paying job with just a National diploma then, which most of the people around me termed to mean I was just been fortunate.

My appointment in an account department with such a reputable foreign company sound like a great luck which nobody would ever imagined I would quit very soon. Apart from the financial benefits attached to the  employment, it also provided me in a number of ways opportunity to learn, grow and industrial training for future official engagements.

Though my working with Borini Prono civil engineers construction company was not without challenges, but it helped me to be more focused and more stronger. I only see it as a wonderful opportunity working under the supervision of those highly experienced boss ( both foreign and local).

Working with those hardworking and lovely co-workers was something I would never wanted to miss. But right from the first day I got that job, I knew staying there for long will deprive me of achieving my life potential. So I decided to quit, I just have to pursue my passion and I need to move on doing what I considered worthy of spending my time on.

In 2011, after working for just one year, in order to devote my time to achieving my life purpose I quit my job. Even though it was the toughest and most risky decision I've ever made in life. I knew there was a challenging path ahead, but I was ready to take it.

Special thanks goes to my brother, who was so supportive and encouraged me alot, despite the fact that he was the one who got me the job am about to quit. I just had to take such a decision, because it was my life and I had a direction to which I wanted it to move it. By next month, it will be four years I quit and thank God am making progress.

The purpose of this post is to encourage guys out there, who may be at the crossroad currently with regards to their job. Are you planning to quit your job due to the feelings of dissatisfaction? Or you find it deem fit to resign from your high paying job to pursue your purpose in LIFE? Staying or not, try to do the following three things before you quit.

1) Decide what to do with your life before you quit: I've seen several people quiting their jobs due to some reasons best known to them without proper plans for future. Those kind of people, in a very short period of time, frustration sets in, especially when they begin feeling the impact of financial insecurity.

Often time, it is at that period they will be struggling to find out what they should go into which would have been too late already. Therefore, it is very important to get clearity and decide what to do before you quit your job.

2) Is your plan better than your current job?: You need to evaluate this, as you are set to quit that job of yours. If your intention is to quit your job because you hardly have time to attend to your personal issues due to the time requirements, then your new plan should not be that you are seeking a new career in the bank or oil and gas sector.

This is because both will also take your time away from you. So you need to get yourself a plan that is far better and won't demand much time.

3) Try to have an alternative plan: There is always a chance that things won't work out as expected. To be at a saver side, it is always advisable to make provision for plan B, when it comes to quiting your job for a specific purpose in life.

Am not saying that you should be pessimistic, but to ensure that all your bases are covered. That was exactly what I did and for ones I've never regret leaving that job for better.

Hope this helps?

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  1. Wow that was a bold step you took only few people can do that.. Keep soaring high have a blessed day.


  2. Thanks so much GLoria....hope your day is cool?

  3. I left my job last year because of my nagging boss. So far I have been doing my stuff. It wasn't easy but God always make a way for me.
    Looking forward to have more clients

  4. Barrister am sure its gonna work out...just don't give up. When you finally make a tremendous progress, you will wished you had quit the job, far back. Have a lovely day.

  5. Nice Ideas..Its good to be self employed and i believe one need the following ideas posted above to start strong. Thanks Boss

  6. Great piece.



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