Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How To Rescue Your Marriage Before The Last Resort

Most marriages encounter serious crises after they have gone through a disaster of some kind. Most of such marriages end up later in divorce, because the couples cannot help themselves.
Rescuing a marriage from failing after a disaster might seem to be a difficult challenge or impossible, but it can be done if the couples involved are determined.

Most times when relationship go bad, couples are meant to face horrible disasters and they always go through an intense stress that usually ends up being too much to bear. In situations like these it is important to know how to keep an healthy relationship before ending up with divorce.

Disaster in marriage can come in any form, but the type of disaster we are talking about here ranges from emotional, social and even financial disasters, which happens when the couple are unable to meet their financial need. It can be a natural disaster or an act of hatred by some unknown entity which couple be as a result of been in a fake relationship.

May be an illness attacking one of the couple or any thing for that matter that may be causing their world to fall apart. Before learning how to save your marriage from any disaster it is important to know and understand that we humans are all different from each other and we act and react differently to issues.

The most obvious is the difference between how a man and a woman might handle a situation. While others are more outward and more outward and more obvious in their grieving others are rather repressive with their feelings. Accepting this and coming to understand it will help you in the long run to rescue your relationship.

Just like understanding that individuals are different, it is important to note too that grief or sadness brings out the worst in people and negative characters are often zoomed out or exaggerated. You have to understand why certain changes are taking place in the personality of your partner.

You should be experiencing such changes as well. You will want to be alert in situations like these, don't excuse the behavior and don't let harmful behaviors ruin things more but understand what is happening. 

The best possibilities to deal with situations like these in such critical times is to find some help from experienced married women or seek for professional advice. Don’t try to sort this out yourself, and don’t do the gossip circle of confiding in friends who  don't have any special advice or help to rescue your relationship than destroying it and turn it to the likes of their failed relationships.

 Go higher than that. Find a lady who has lived a few decades as a married woman successfully, talk with her, listen to her experience and advice. Most women make serious mistakes while they are trying to get things fixed by themselves. This often happened not because they intended to kill the affairs but because of their lack of marital experience. 

I hope this help?

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  1. Some marriages crumble because of finances and seeking advice from a wrong person
    May God help us

    1. Yea..those are the major threat to a relationship. thanks.

  2. you really said it well

  3. Am taking notes. It's better to learn before you find yourself in marriage, it makes it easier. Thanks

  4. Wonderful advice to save marriages. Consulting experienced couple will always give some answers to solve problems in a crumbling marriage.

    Best wishes

  5. an astonishing and garnishing, article, very articulate for creative family and marital problem solving.

  6. Hnmmmmm! I like this article Saheed. The tips are helpful for sustaining our marriages these days. Well done

  7. Great tips. Will save this page.


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