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Reasons why you have to engage your children

Generally Children are known to be bundles of happiness to their parents, but on the contrary can turned out to be source of sorrow to another set of parents. So, happy are those parents whose children were properly trained and became successful in life. While regret and sadness belong to those parents whose children were unguided and turned nuisance to the society.

There is no certainty that all children must serve as a source of happiness, but all depends on how they were raised up and the level of training they received from parents. This is just a confirmation that, children who serve as a source of joy to family A, can spell a disaster to B.

Nothing can be compared with the joy of a parent whose children grown up with fortune. This is Because, children are the most valuable gifts any parent can have. What we called a biological child could not be bought in a market or in a motherless home, therefore, it becomes necessary for all parents to take important what the lifestyle of their children would be right from the childhood. Read: How to write a letter to your future self.

Upbringing beyond physical appearance

Most parents in errors believed that the most important aspect of their children to be taking care of is their physical upbringing. Forgetting that, children of today have their own thoughts which you may not be able to take away if allowed to grow with them.

As a parent, you may decide to dress them with the best cloth and provide them with the best apartments, send them to the best schools but hardly will you be able to influence their decisions in certain cases. The personalities in everyone today does not only developed while they grow up, but was an inbuilt from childhood.

I took the image above where I sighted some set of children's peer group busy playing. After my brief stay and conversation with them, I was able to know that, the children had been there for hours without their parents checking on them. No school because they are on a long term vacation break.

To these children, it's their time to play throughout the whole months until school resume, because they were so sure their parents will not engage them with anything important throughout the break.

Based on this scenerio, I decided to make a post on three reasons why parents should engage their children before someone else do.

The following are the reasons why you must engage your children with something reasonable:

1) To keep them away from been engaged by killers: Kidnapping of children is not really new in our society, as it has been a problem for long. But in recent, another new dimension into this is the use of little children of average age of 10 to 13years to carry out suicide attack in some part of the country. 

Further investigation to this new trend revealed that, the evil doers do take advantage of children roaming about who are not in their parent's custodies to carry out this attack.

All it require of them is giving them a token amount of money and send them on a terminal assignment (suicide bombing), with which they will not be alive to spend the token received. This is the new trend, and should pose a serious warning to parents. Read: How to quit your low paying job and earn with your passion

2) To keep them away from bad peer groups: Easily, friends and peer group influence children. This is because they spend time together both in school and at home. This made it more easy for children to learn some characters from their friends either bad or good.

It becomes more easier, when the parents seem to care not. For our children to be guided, it becomes necessary for parents to create a special categories (based on morality) of friends with which their children should mingle with.

This will enable the children to avoid been exposed to bad attitudes as a result of keeping company of bad groups.

3) Engage your children to improve their mental ability and health: Unfortunately, to some parents, once they are able to settle the school fees of their children, it does not matter to them whether the children understand anything or not.

Any good parent should find a means of improving their children's interlectual abilities by encouraging them to read at Home or enrol them for summer lesson during this break. 

This will go a long way in helping these children improve academically and also prevent them from contacting some deadly diseases for playing in an unhealthy environments.

I hope this helps?

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  1. This is so true...lovely writeup
    Nma's Blog 

  2. I love the right up... Boredom is very bad

  3. So helpful. Parents need to be their children watchdog. The rate at which evil people use lil children to perpetuate their evil deed is alarming.
    Parents should know the Company their children keep, kinda movie they watch etc.
    May God help us

  4. Children will make a great future tomorrow if given the necessary attention they need today.

    Yes bro...this helps.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  5. Wonderful advice to the parents.


  6. Useful tips for me as a mother. I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award. You can visit my blog to see the nomination list.

  7. Children are gifts from God. Good advice from u.



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