Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Steps On How To Tackle Your Inner Critics

No matter how you choosed to live your life - whether you decided to work hard or choosed to be lazy; whether you are for everybody or for nobody; even if you choosed to be a philanthropist or maintain to be stingy- No matter what you do, people will talk negatively about you.

They will not only come forward to judge you but will also criticise whatsoever step you decided to take in life. So if you are not a strong type, you are meant to be discouraged and quit what you are doing. But often times, we got more criticised by our inner self than from outsiders.

Critism comes from two angles ( inner and external) but the aim of this post is to tell us how to identify our inner critic and deal with it.

Inner critism: The greatest critics in everyone's LIFE, live within him. That's why you will notice what actually got you discouraged from executing that plan of yours was not what people said, but what you thought they will say if you started it. One thing deep inside you will give you so many reasons why you should not do it, because it won't be successful. That thing is what I called an inner bad judge.

We all have judge inside us, and it always judge us before anyone does, he tells us how weak we are, he mocks us, teases us, pushes us around and if care is not taking, he is capable of holding us back from achieving our goals. It will even make your compare yourself with failure.

Believe me, this judge is in you and I, and he is more tougher and dangerous than the external critics. He always take advantage of living within us to rob us of our inbuilt talent, worth, abilities and values. He always discourage us and want us to believe that things will not work out fine. He does this, by breaking our self esteem and make us feel unimportant in the society and loose our purpose.

My experience with inner critics:

When I quit my lucrative job to go back to school some years back, it was'nt the hurtful comments from people that wanted to stop me from doing it. It was my inner Fear, I was worried about what will people said about it, what if I did not pass exams, what if I could not continue to pay the school fees or what if I graduated but could not get another work. All these got me confused.

Also, when I started writing, I wrote so many articles without giving it out to anybody either to read or proof read, talkless of publishing them. It lasted for almost one year. I was just been caught with my inner critics who kept telling me I was so poor in writing, people will not like reading them and if they do, am gonna be condemned. Finally I dealt with all these, and that's why you are reading this today.

Steps on How to tackle your inner critics

1) Identify when your inner judge is in action: You have to be careful to get this done. It is difficult to do because the judge is already part of our minds and we always find it difficult to know when is talking to us. We mistake it for our personal thought. This is how to know it. 

Whenever you are about to do anything reasonable with your life, and suddenly something from your mind got you discouraged, got you stuck, and scared you away. The judge is at work.

The best way to deal with him is to ignore him. Remember how you used to feel shy to put on a new dress you just bought, and remember how you do finally wear it out. Either people say it fine or not, you don't care.

2) condemn all his ideas: Tell him all his suggestions does'nt mean is true, so they don't mean anything to you. Tell him you can do it and you surely gonna try it.

3) Look forward to the success attached to what you are about to do: Instead of paying attention to your inner critics, be focused on the task and be encouraged with what you perceived would be the outcome.

Doing these will make you do away with your inner critics at. Though as long as we exist, as long as we still have minds and as long as we want to do great things in life, our inner critics will always wake up to discourage us. It left for us to always deal with it.

I hope this helps?

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  1. It all still boils down on our thoughts. Every action whether positive or negative begins with a thought. Thanks for this post..
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award please check details on my blog.

  2. Oh great. We are our own critic. That's why we need to be positive. The I CAN spirit should dominate our thinking

  3. Gloria am grateful for the nomination- am honoured.

    Bola! Yeah...always positive.

  4. I like the part that says: "Instead of paying attention to your inner critics, be focused on the task and be encouraged with what you perceive would be the outcome." Great post Saheed

  5. Loved this wonderful piece. Nice.


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