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Steps On How To Rescue People Out Of Illicit Drug Use

Illicit drug usage
Drug free club
Recently, drug abuse and addiction is a global public health challenge, which unknowingly to many addicts has become part of their lifestyles. Contrary to the high numbers of illicit drug users, there are limited numbers of free counciling agents across the country to help talk to people about drug abuse.
It is on this ground that the NYSC drug free club was established in order to make easy sensitization process in the grass root.

Just yesterday, our usual campaigns against the use of illicit drug was meant to be taken to motor park where we have several members of Nigerian road transport workers. The group of people popularly known to have the largest numbers of drug consumers, ranging from smoking to any other forms of drugs.

 At a start, what actually got me scared was how to stand in front of these men to talk, I kept asking myself of what to tell them, how to start telling these people to stop consuming drugs.

Critically, when you look at those who take drugs, you will know they take it because they want to feel good, they like what the drugs do to their brains; drug do modify their mood, perception, emotion and it even make them work harder.

Haven known how important drug's consumption is to them, I doubted if I would be able to talk to them. It became so easy task to perform when I followed the following steps to carry out the tasks.

Steps on how to talk to people about drug use.

1) Know some facts about drugs: Before you go out to tell people anything about such a serious issue, you must be educated about it and get all related facts to use. There are several myths about alcohol, smoking, unprescribed drug usage and other forms of drugs. Use the right sources to equip yourself with all information needed.

2) Be very clear about what you read: Based on what you read, be very sure of it. You have to be very sure on the medical and phchological view about the use of some drugs. I remember someone asked me, if consumption of alcohol is completely against the body system or it only have a limit of daily consumption.

He further asked what is the normal average daily consumption. So if you are not well informed, you may not be able to answer the question, or if you do, you may Feed them with wrong information. Read: How to rescue family member who is a drug addict from addiction.

3) Look for a better opportunity to start the talk: Now how do you start talking about this to people? Most especially, the very busy types like road workers. You have to start by introducing a general topic you know they will like to talk about.

In my own case, I started talking about *football*. I noticed a driver in Manchester United jeasy, and I teased him with the slogan *Up man U* which he responded *For Life*. So we started talking about the latest happenings in the club and how we gonna win all the trophy next season.

Some other drivers and conductors came into the discussion and turned it to argument. One of them condem united and said they will never win a dine, because most of their new signing are drug addicts. So I immediately took advantage of this statement to introduce the topic of discussion. We was so happy they introduced the topic themselves.

4) Make them understand the harm in all drugs: Make sure they have all the right information about drug abuse. Tell them the harm in taking alcohol, smoking tramadol, and any other unprescribed drugs. Talk little about the benefits of taking some of them, but make sure you deep more on the harms and conclude this session by correcting all myths.

5) Permit them to ask questions: This is the last and the most interested part of the exercise. We could not stop laughing when they were asking all sort of questions. One of the questions I answered was "Please why do you discouraged us from taking sexual performance enhancement drugs, I can't do without it?"

The most elderly man among them, asked he he can continue taking his bear since, he doesn't get intoxicated with it again, no matter the numbers of bottles he took. My cordinator answered his questions and the man was happy.

I realised allowing them to ask their questions go a long way in providing solutions to their problems. Some of them finally promised to do away with some of the drugs they never thought were abused by them. Though so many still complained it will not be easy to stop

Talking to people about drugs is always interesting...I hope you will give it a trial. You can help someone out.


  1. Beautiful blog you have here. I'm glad you're taking concrete steps to help these people, just like you and I who have allowed themselves to be controlled by these substances.

  2. Wow! I am impressed, you giving back to the society. This is a big deal. May God bless you. And thanks for sharing this tips. I will make use of it someday

  3. Nice one here.. May God bless your heart.

  4. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

  5. Hello, I just nominated you for the versatile blogger awards

  6. Hello, I just nominated you for the versatile blogger awards

  7. I have a cousin who is so addicted to drugs. I'm sure gonna apply these steps in helping him and see how it goes. Thanks for the tips

    1. Pls kindly apply can actually help him out.

  8. Here in the US, a very common way that people get addicted is through taking legally prescribed drugs for pain. At some point, the doctor cuts off their supply, so they go looking to buy the same drugs illegally, but since these drugs tend to be prohibitively expensive, they buy much cheaper heroin instead. I live in a lot of pain and have taken narcotics legally for years, but many doctors won’t prescribe them, and my doctor is getting old, so I worry about the day that I have to either live without them or else go looking for heroin.


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