Thursday, 23 July 2015

What Is Your Life Purpose?

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Why must we have a life purpose or direction? What's wrong in living our lives as it comes and enjoy everything that comes our ways? So far we will die at an unknown appointed time,
then why wasting our time planning for this mysterious life?

These are couples of questions running in the minds of many youths without purpose. As far as am concerned, irrespective of your age, your religious beliefs or your tribe, in as much is it is your wish to live a better and meaningful life, you must have a life purpose and direction to which you wanna spend your life

Have you ever watched a football match without a goal pole? If yes, you will surely know it always end up with frustration instead of been a fun. The shortest road to failure in life is to live without determination and without a set goal. Don't be surprised  seeing people you insulted, when they see you trying to figure out your life's direction.

Am putting up this post, in order to help others to achieve their life purpose. I want to help them live their best lives and achieve greatness in life. Doing this will definitely put my mind at rest, because am also living my life purpose by writing to improve others. It is my belief, by the time you finish reading this post, you will surely step closer towards finding what is your life purpose.

My childhood vision

In my early days in the junior secondary school, then I know nothing really much about the idea of having a life direction. So back then, I decided that when I grow up, I must be an accountant, the decision which I took as a result of my childhood ignorant assumption that all accountants work in the bank and have access to cash any time they are in need without stress ( you know am from a kind of poor background). So with this, I choose a life direction of becoming an accountant and I was determined to get that achieved.

At a start this looks unachievable...the first challenge was that, I was meant to be in science class. With which I know my aim would not be achieved. So after several attempts to change back to commercial landed me in Art class without further option. So after leaving secondary school with an Art SSCE result, I was meant to undergo a one year pre-diploma course to qualify me for accountancy.

At the end of the examination which I passed, but I was so sad to see my name in another department other than my dream class. It cost me a lot, to have gotten it changed.

Finally, I was admitted to study accountancy in the polytechnic and further proceeded to the university to get a degree on the same profession, and I finally enrolled for profession examinations with the most recognised professional body on the same field in Nigeria just to have all it takes to be called an accountant. Read: How I quit my job to pursue my passion.

Life purpose, simply means life direction which you are just in this life to achieve. For anyone that actually want to live a meaningful and well spent life, having a life purpose is a must.

As I grow up while trying to achieve my childhood ambition, I keep asking myself if been accountant is simply my life purpose. Is it the message am in this world to pass around throughout my life existence?

After proper evaluation, I discovered that I had a special and unique life purpose which is far from been an accountant as I wrongly assumed while I was growing up. Am always more happy and feel positive anytime I found myself helping others to achieve their goal. That's is my real LIFE purpose.

When I got to know this, I attended some couple of life coaching seminars and trainings after which I started passing my message to people through the social media.

Which later resulted to the creation of this platform ( My Lover's Trick) and this has helped me in making it more easier to reach a larger community at once. Though am not earning much cash from doing this, but I earn joy and personal honour knowing well that am living in accordance with my life's direction.

Do you have a life purpose and are you living towards getting it achieved?

Up next....Reasons why you should have a life purpose..


  1. Having a life purpose helps in giving our life a direction.
    Your living your life purpose definitely has its rewards, which ultimately is Happiness - that inner joy.

  2. Yeah a life without purpose is a life of frustration.
    Never mind the money will start coming soon...

  3. Thanks Uthman for sharing...most people are just breathing without living. There's nothing to live purpose.

    Nma's Blog 

  4. I took my time to read this interesting post.
    Don't worry God will bless your hustle someday

  5. Wow lovely read, passionate drive.


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