Sunday, 26 July 2015

Why I wrote a Letter to my future

I don't know how you perceive this, but let start with an imagination that presently, you are writing a letter to your future self just a year from now, then you got it opened at exactly 365days from now, just to read the message that your past has left for you.

The idea of writing a letter to my future was what I actually got from Molola's blog  where the author wrote a letter to her past some months back. The post which she used to appreciate her past for bringing here to an appreciable level today.

On reading that wonderful post, on the contrary, I decided to write a letter to my future instantly but just for a short period of 50days. My aim was to use it as a useful supplementary tool to be used in goal achievement, because when I wrote the letter to my future self, it helps set what my ideal vision for myself in the future. Today, as I open and read the letter, It was easy for me to assess how many things I was able to achieved and what expectation I was unable to get.

Why You Must Write a Letter To Your Future Today
Someone may think its unnecessary addressing a letter to oneself since you are still the one to open it in future, and you already know the content of such letter. Believe me you need to know that, the letter gives you a comprehensive-view of what your initial vision was and it will lets you recognize how your current vision differs from the past.  

When you open the letter in the future, this will enable you compare how you used to be in the past and compare with your position presently. This lets you see in totality how much things have changed since then. It’s interesting to just see how much you have grown since you wrote the letter to yourself.

You May Ask Me What To Write About 
Haven known it's importance, and you want to write it, then start by following these steps, but don't make it for a very too short period like mine. Here are the steps:
Let assumed it gonna be for one year and you are going to open and read the letter at exactly one year to this time. 
Ask yourself the following questions and answer them in them appropriately        
*How would you want your future to be like in one year time?  
*What are the different dreams and goals you would want to be realized by then?
*What is you wished to have achieved in term of your career or your business?
*Once you’re done, sign off with your name and today’s date.
*Put the papers in an envelope. 
*Seal it
*On the envelop cover, write “To (Your Name). To be opened on (Date)”.
*Keep the envelop in a saver place 
*Set up a reminder to open your letter one year from now   
*Put this envelope in a safe place where no one can have access to it. continue with your life and in one year time open it and mark good those goals you were able to achieve, and find out why you were unable to achieve some.

Report on My 50days letter to my future
In terms of goals, I have achieved and exceeded all the goals within the 50days except two. I’m totally loving every moment right now.  The two goals I haven’t reached are: In terms of My friends, some of my old friends whom I thought I would have had a reunion with, are still outside my reach till now; though I keep making new friends on a daily basis. I still need them, but I can't tell why my strategy does not work out.

I didn’t reach the other goal because I had abandoned it, since it lost meaning to me. I planned to change my phone to a bigger one. When I realized my present phone is still active and satisfactory couple with my personal economic situation, So I decided changing my phone within the 50days was not necessary and urgent.

Honestly its fun doing this, as it gave me an insight on the visions I had in the past which I was unable to achieve because it was not documented. It made me appreciate how far I have come. It made me look forward in excitement to the future. I implore you to kindly write a letter to your future today.

I hope this helps?

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  1. Wow this is great am so writing to express letter to myself but can't be patience enough to wait for a year...

    1. can reduce the duration to six month.

  2. Hahahaha, I hope I have the time. It's a good idea though

  3. Definitely going to try this and see what happens from a year from now


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