Thursday, 6 August 2015

How do I deal with fear of getting married? Try this

Weekly, marriages are constituted in various religious houses across the country while on  a daily basis, we read and heard of marriage break down and divorce cases. The continuous occurrence of this has been an umbrella under which so many matured youths hide for not laying their hand on marriage as at when due.

Though, there are exemption cases of those who wanna get married but are really scared of getting married because of divorce and other marital problems.

Deciding to get married has becomes so intimidating than ever. Despite this, if you understand what marriage entails you can overcome your fear of getting married. With this post, I will tell you five steps with which you can actually do away with the fear.

Steps On How To Overcome The Fear Of Getting Married

1) Find out what's scaring you away from marriage: Some times what actually causes fear in people's life is uncertain, some cannot even say if they are really scared of this or that. Some guys are not fearing marriage itself but rather, its implications and the likely problem that will broke out later. Try to ask yourself, what the problem is and what area is really giving you concern.
2) Think of solving the problem: Now you've ascertain what the problem is, so develop a means of getting it solved. Are you wondering about the continuous increase in the number of divorce? Or just thinking about your financial inability? Family issues or what? Just think about all these foreseeable problems that makes you scared away from marriage and then think of what to do in that specific situation to solve them.
3) What happened to your previous relationship: Can you please ask yourself the real cause of your previous failed relationships? Was it as a result of the problem you foreseen in number two above? Or something else happened and destroyed the relationship? Where did things go wrong? You need to talk to yourself about it and iron out the cause of it. When you understand what went wrong in the past, you can actually address your fear.  
4) Interact with successful couples: If you have people around you with successful marriage, try to talk to them and ask them their secret. Ask them if such kind of your fear has ever occurred to them, and if yes, how did they go about it to be successful.

Then tell them your fear about marriage and listen to whatever good advice they had to offer. This will really help and encourage you to make a step forward. 

5) Choose the right person for marriage: Am so sure of one thing, if you have the right partner, you will always be eager to be with them for life. It could not be marriage that is getting you scared, but the actual person you want to marry. Maybe they are troublesome or have bad attitude, either of these can actually get you discourage. 

 If that person is your problem, then you need to make the right decision by choosing someone more compatible. Believe me, you will get married soon without any fear.

I hope this helps?
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