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How To Change Your Weakness To Strength

The strongest men on earth were not born with strength, they developed it over time. They committed their time and energy in building the strengths you so much admired in them today...  So changing your weakness to strength is what you can do to attain greatness in life.

You might be born strong in some certain aspects, but yet will not be the best way for you to practice. That Ronaldo is a world talented Player today does not mean he never worked for it, since we used the word 'talented'. He actually built on his natural talent to get to that level. That you have a zero ability in dancing while you were young, does not really mean you won't be a top best dancer today. It all depends on how you are able to change your weakness to strength. 

Honestly, I was born a shy type - and I do find it difficult to talk in public in those days. But presently, each time I find myself making any official paper presentation, or in a political forum with my friends, people complement my speaking skills.

Though am always surprised about this, don't really know how I was able to do away with speaking weakness and converted it to strength. Believe me, You don't need to reject a University provision admission to study Accounting, because you are poor in Mathematics. You can develop yourself and still graduate as the best student.

I once wrote about my early life challenges on the road towards becoming an Accountant (My childhood's dream profession). But I was once a Science student in my early senior secondary and later moved to Art where I wrote my SSCE without any background on Accounting. I later secured admission to study Accounting in the polytechnic despite my elementary knowledge in Art subject, so many ups and down at the first semester. It wasn't easy but I was determined to make it.

In 2009 when I finally graduated and went for my result, the department's HOD said; ''Congratulations, you are the second best graduating student in Accounting this year''. And I was like WOW! I made it. When I was to further my education, studying accounting in the University became so easy and everybody sees me like I was born with it.  

I believed you can be whatever you wanna be no matter your can turn your weakness to strength. It doesn't matter how long time it will take you. Micheal Jackson got so many Grammy and many other awards because he was an expert in singing and dancing, but do you know he used to rehearse  for 18hours out of his 24hours per day?
In recent time, writing is gradually becoming something I will be best in with time. Because I had spent and still spending so much time in writing, and am sure I will improve in it over time. The reality is that, you have to become better when you are investing much time in something you are weak in. 

So many people are found talented and strong in playing football when they were young, but never grown up to become a good footballer.  While those who were average players at young age, became a professional when they grow up. Some people are naturally funny, but they are unknown in the comedy industry

This means that, whether you are currently weak or strong in a skill, subject, course or anything does not define how good you can be in it in future. It all burn down to your personal effort and passion for it.

How To Convert Your Weakness To Strength

1) Dedicate Enough Time To Improve On Your Weakness: Your personal dedication towards building that skill is very important. I know you are not good in Calculations, but you can still become a mathematician, it just depends on the numbers of hours you dedicated to solving it. 

Am sorry to tell you, there isn’t a shortcut in life if that's what you want. You have to start at the beginning and keep improving. Every successful persons starts off as a beginner and ended up what you admired today. In case you have her contact, ask Linda Ikeji how many hours she spent online everyday to become a professional entertainment blogger.

2) Be Passionate About It: In building an expertise in a particular profession, it may not be that easy, but your passion for it will keep you going.  As a learner the result of your first trial may not go well, but you will get better with your second trial. So when you continue, you will get even better in your fifth and fiftieth trial. And by the time you might have tried it in fifty thousand times, you will become a professional.

3) Never Stop Working On Yourself:  No matter how great or little you've improved, just keep giving room for improvement. Don't relent and don't think you have reached the height. Always give room for personal improvement, and one day, the world will celebrate you on your strength.

I hope this helps?

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NOTE: As part of my effort to pursue my professionalism in Writing, it is my pleasure to inform you that  this blog address has been changed to Though if you still visit the formal, it will redirect you here. Plenty thanks to TrendWithGloria her post actually got me motivated in doing this, as fast as possible.

Thanks everyone. 


  1. Wow this is so nice yeah we can all improve and develop ourselves only if we are passionate and committed about it.. Awwwwh you were inspired? Thanks for the mention.

  2. This one everyone is getting a domain name. Lolz
    I refused to be intimidated.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes God bless

  3. Bola don't be intimidated... Its just what we all have to do.

  4. Yayyy! We can comfortably change our weakness to become our strength through determination and hardwork


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