Monday, 17 August 2015

How To Date More Than One Woman without problem

What everyone actually deserved is a secured relationship. A committed, promising relationship will always make anyone to be serious and focus, but this is not easy to come by.

As a guy who is still single, it is advisable to be very relunctant in committing yourself to only one girl. Until she has proven to you, that she is a worthy partner.

I sure many ladies will against this post, but it's a topic and an issue I had to write on because of how it keeps affecting the lives of our young men. So many men made the mistake of committing their love affairs into the hand of only one wrong woman and that's how they ended up mess with their lives.

That aside, other men you know the implications of dating only one woman without commitment, go into double dating but it never worked out for them because they lacked the tips and how. So the game did not favour them.

You won't get yourself into trouble when you adopt the following steps in dating more than one woman at a time.

If you are the type that is yet to have any committed relationship with any lady, dating two or three at a time is recommended. Trust me, I will teach you how to go about this without problem.

1) Define all your relationship at a start: It is a must you give a clear definition to any relationship you are into at the very start. When you first start a relationship, no lady will expect you to show a very high level of seriousness and commitment so fast. So you should try as much as possible to keep a non-committed dating style.

With the way you treat them and your actions, they can easily noticed you are not looking into dating anyone exclusively at present. Doing this at a start will make things easy and nobody will accuse you of unfaithfulness, when you finally dump them.

2) Be smart and intelligent: This is a game of been smart. You have to use your brain most of the time. You don't need to contradict yourself with the same question at different time. Some dull guys who go into multiple dating got more disorganized when they are faced to answer questions.

If you are a smart type, am not telling you to start playing with their feeling and emotion. You are not a super start, and don't feel like one. Don't go bragging to your girls and start acting like they are not important because you have so many. If you do and they find out, ladies will surely treat your mess at once. So be calm and discreet about the whole thing.

3) Don't show too much commitment: Since you are not dating her alone, and you are not yet sure if she is the one you want to pick as your future partner. Then don't take things too serious. Just assume you are nothing more than friends.

Until you finally get the best and the most compatible out of them, it is not advisable for you to be extremely caring. If you do, this may pose the impression on them that you are absolutely ready to spend your life with them.

4) Don't fall women's traps: Women are always good in trapping men, most especially when they are suspect the presence of another woman in your life. Most men fall this trap and end up losing the whole thing.

For instance, one of them may intentionally forget her items in your house. Especially items that can easily provoke other women in your house.

Imagine if she leaves her newly bought hair attainment, her earing, her personal stuff or even some of her clothes in your bedroom.

Their aim of doing this is to give another woman a sign that this house belongs to them. Also to provide them with an excuse of coming back to your house any time they feel like with or without your notice.

So if you are a start guy, you need to always ask her before she leave, if she don't leave anything behind.

5) Do away with jealousy: To be sincere, you don't have to be jealous. You are dating up to three to four ladies, am not expecting you to assume any of them is dating you alone either. So don't be jealous when you see her with someone else. Every woman needed someone who is so committed in her LIFE, remember you are not.

If you are a jealous type by nature, I advise you to keep only one woman and be committed to the relationship.

6) Keep a secret date planner: You will definitely need a date planner, when you get it, work strictly by it and make it secret. Non of them should pay you a visit uninvited. You get?

Finally, don't include any of them in your facebook profile and don't have s*x with all of them (if you must have s*x). If you do and think it's a free gift, if the wrong one is impregnated or you catch STDs, Game Over.

I hope this helps?

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  1. Okeooh... So women get ready, don't be surprised that he (your man) is dating three other or more... after-all it is a known fact that there are more women than men in the world. What's the ratio again?

  2. Uthman weldone! What are you teaching our guys?

    1. Just trying to help them perfect their plans.

  3. Uthman i detest guys that cheat so ain't gonna read this at all.. Cheating in relationships or marriages shouldn't be encouraged. It's the foundation of broken homes and polygamy.. Let's help to build a better society..

    1. Not really encouraging cheating but teaching them how to choose the best and most compatible woman among many

  4. *raised eyebrow*
    Uthman so you follow abi?

    Nma's Blog 

  5. Hnnnmmm! This one get as e be oooo. I don't encourage or advise men to cheat in their relationships


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