Friday, 28 August 2015

How To Improve Your Self Worth With Five Steps

Building up a natural self esteem is a very important tool in making it in life. We needed to work on improving our self worth. Self-worth is what enables us to believe in our ability and capability. It tells us that, we are capable of doing our best with our talents and knowledge.

Generally, any happy person will never want to think he/she has a low self esteem. Moreover, you are successful in your own ways and you believe in yourself and ability. You will just believe that low self worth does not really applies to you. That's how I think back then.

To measure weather you have a low self esteem or not does not really go with how much money you make per day, or the nature of work you do, believe me, the issue of low self-worth is more confusing  than you may ever think. Just because one has a healthy level of self-confidence in general doesn’t really mean that he/she have a high Self Worth. 

When I first started blogging, anytime am done writing, typing and proof read, it always becomes so difficult for me to finally press the publish button. The thought of who will read the posts, how will they perceive the message, the language use and just everything will grip me. 

I do feel seriously inferior, I was not just the type that believe am worthy of talking to others in my own way through the internet. I never wanted to entertain any criticism from anyone. So I was avoiding them and I felt was not just good enough like other bloggers who are making it on a daily basis. So in January 2013, I abandoned my blog and went for something else.

In December 2014, I attended a seminal about career talk. I got to know that, quitting what I have passion for, due to the feeling of inferiority was as a result of my low Self Worth. 

That seminal was an eye opener for me, and since then, after working with the recommendation of the guess lecturer to improve my self worth. I started posting without any fear or intimidation in my mind.

Here are what you must do, to improve your Self-Worth and be successful.

1) Be familiar with your attitude about yourself: Let me ask you the following questions; How do you see yourself, what do you think and talk about yourself? Am asking this question because how you represent yourself eventually becomes the reality for you.

And if it happens that you're putting yourself down, belittling your worth, and making light of your talents in the face of others, then you will find it difficult to make it. So I challenge you to always think big of yourself and think you can high.

2) Forget about what will people say about you: If not for the life changing seminal, I would have given up on blogging and give up on my dream writing talent. Just because my focus was on what will people say. I was just be scared no to deviate from what people want me to be. I later got to know that, once you try to live up to an image of what you think others want to you to be, you lose your self-worth. 

Do you know why? this is because, you are following a compass set by other people's expectations, without considering whether or not those expectations are clearly defined or not. 

It is unfortunately, that many people live this way, making such choices as what to study, what career to choose, where to live, and others all based on people's expectation. It's a real bad to live your life in line with someone's expectation.

3) Tell yourself that you matter: Change the internal negative thought about yourself. Affirming your self-worth openly to yourself can be a very good way to start changing the internal negative speak that you might have developed over time.

In an affirmative tone, tell yourself you are going to make it. Tell yourself you worth been celebrated and indeed you are an hero. This will help you o improve your self worth.

4) Stop thinking you can please everyone: My greatest mistake on blogging was trying to please everyone. Pleasing everyone with your life is impossible. When you stop having to please everyone else, your desires will rise to the surface and you can start working on your own happiness and self-worth. 

5) Value yourself regardless of your job and earnings: Like Nigeria where people tend to value your worth with the nature of things you engage yourself with. There is a great risk of undervaluing your self-worth because it's tied up in earnings and job prestige. 

So don't be tied down with this assumption, and do whatever you feel your passion is, and you will surely make it.


  1. permit me to say, most people fail because of fear of what people will say.i was almost a victim but i realise that those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.

  2. I felt like you were talking to me. Thanks a lot.


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