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How to know your boyfriend is not dating you alone

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As I always say, relationship is a serious business and you and I must also be serious about it. Often time we found ourselves in one relationship or the other but we will find it so difficult to define what position we occupied in the heart of our partner. Despite the love and the great hope of getting married, trusting our partners are sometimes faced with a serious doubt.
Sometimes, we just feel like the other person is not telling us the truth and in fact he is hiding something from us, or you are not just sure if he is having feeling for someone else or not. The best thing is to clarify your doubt before acting or develop hatred for him, due to your mere assumption.

The essence of this post is not to give you reasons to be suspicious of your boyfriend, it is just a guide to know if the relationship is worthy been called your own or not.  So below are some of the of the steps to know you are not the only one he dates.

1) He has never introduce you to people around him as his girlfriend: Seriously, when a man is genuinely in love with you, it is such an easy thing to know. Right from the way he address you, the manners and tone he introduces you to his people and everything will hint you. If you have been dating a guy for more than a year and still keep introducing you to people as his friend, course mate or colleague, then it called for suspicious. 

He might have introduced the real girl to them, and don't want to complicate issue by telling them you are the second option. So be watchful enough to attach meaningful meaning to how your guy address and introduce you.

2) He avoid you physically:  This is one of the clear sign that someone is not in an healthy relationship. It is a fundamental sign that something is wrong in your relationship if he suddenly becomes uncomfortable being physically close to you.

He just don't like people reading any meaning to your togetherness, he don't like been in public with you and he is good in giving you thousands of excuses why you will not see each other for weeks. 

if you notice this with your partner, it because he knows that the trust has been betrayed and cannot just stand eye to eyes with you for a long again.

3) He always answer your questions with another questions: Have you ever met such kind of a guy before? Whenever you are trying to play the role of a mom or a wife to him, he always cut you short by throwing back another sets of unpleasant questions to answer you.
If you just noticed that your guy suddenly becomes extremely too busy to have a discussion with you for long periods of time and he has no any genuine explanation to cover up. This means he is sharing his pains and joy with someone else aside from you. 

4) He has never taken you to his place: I was surprised when a lady told me she had been dating her guy for good four years and had never been taken home nor been introduced to any of his friends. That the only first time she met with one of his friends was  by accident, and he introduced her to his friend as a colleague. Though they work in the same company.

I think relationship of four years should have been solidified with a enough commitment that the lady should know his house and his where about. Sometimes, meeting the family could be difficult, and multiple factors can go into why you have or have not met them.

However, meeting the friends should happen as soon as possible. Even if he stays in Sambisa forest, lives with his parents or lives with his friends, at this point he should want to show you.
5) He phone is too personal to him: I also don't encourage ladies to always go after their guys phones because to some extent it is confidential.  However, if you begin to notice that he suddenly stops leaving his phone around you and he don't even feel comfortable responding to his calls or messages when you are around. You need to be watchful... 

However, if your guy has someone else, there's a good chance that he won't ever allow you to touch his phone any longer. Try to pay more attention to the way he handles his phones recently, you will notice he changes password more than ten times in a week.

If any of the above or all is/are found in the attitude of your boyfriend, am sorry you may not be the only one he dates. Though this post is just to hint you about what you need to look for before taking a decision. Relationships are based on trust and understanding. If you still trust him, then no problem.

I hope this helps?

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  1. Don't mind this Amanda Desmond oo,na scam,
    That's how they move from one blog to the other.

    I agree with all those signs. These signs are always visible for ladies that the guy they are dating is not serious

  2. Thanks Bola! I thought as well, I hope people will quickly notice he is a scammer, before getting in touch. Thanks for your comment.


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