Wednesday, 12 August 2015

How To Make A Better Choice Among Multiple Suitors

As a young lady or guy who is planning to get married anytime soon, having a multiple suitor is not a new thing. It is possible you are not really bold enough to balance the card of multiple suitors in your life.

As a matured individual, it is easy to make a choice between a positive and negative attitude human being, but it becomes so difficult to choose when the people in question are both positive. It becomes harder to choose if they all have similar features making it difficult for you to notice any differences in them.

Am finding it difficult to choose one among you guys…’ that is usually the complaint from my Ex. Though she finally made her choice and chose my rival on ethnic basis. Her decision finally led to our break up.

Prior to her final decision, she was so worried that the decision she was about to make could be the biggest mistake of her life if not properly considered. Luckily, she made her choice and her marriage remain blessed till this moment.

Four years later when I decided to go into another relationship, I found out that my new girlfriend actually had someone else and she was also meant to choose one among us. 

I think choosing me was the most difficult decision she ever made in her life. This is because, I and her Ex seem to have relatively similar pros and cons. Thank God today, she had never regretted making that choice.

Don’t be panic as you are about to make your own decision of whom you want to spend your life with. Just take a deep breath and follow strictly the following steps in choosing the best partner among many others. 

 1) Reflect how you once tackled a tough decision in the past: Making decision at this point could look so difficult. Take your thought back and reflect on how you made some difficult decision in the past. What are the helpful tips you adopted? Was there any regret? Do you ever for once felt it was a mistake? Providing the right answers to these questions will definitely give you confidence in solving your problem.
2) Determine how you feel when you are around any of them: Who among them make you feel more comfortable, happier and fill your heart with joy? I believed, different individual brings different feelings to us. Try to find out which is the best in bringing out the best qualities in you.

      3) Find out which one among them has the most compatible lifestyle with you: No doubt we all have different lifestyles and have a laid down ways on how we want to spend our lives. Yet, it is compulsory for couples to share some similar personality.

     Couples who have much in common have less to argue or fight about. Due to their similarities in respect to certain things they will both live together with understanding.  
     4) Find out the position of your conscience: It is not impossible for your heart to have chosen a compatible partner for you. It might have made your choice and decide on your behalf, so try to find out who?

Hint: To know if your heart has chosen for you. For instance, you might feel guilty of cheating on prospect lover ‘A’ when you are with ‘B’ and moreover, when you are with lover ‘A’ you feel comfortable and never remember that lover ‘B’ exist.

Finding out your heart’s choice is the best way to narrow down your wide range of choice.

     5) Follow your conscience: The day my dearest finally made her choice. She said to me: I ‘’choose you because my heart does and I wished my mind is not deceiving me’’. I replied her with this statement: “Love is a matter of the heart and I will advise you to strictly adhere to what your heart has chosen for you.’’

In conclusion, don’t rush into making decision, relax and take your time to find out your best potential partner.

I hope this helps?

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  1. I agree with you on this. I did most of this when I wanted to choose my life partner.

    1. Its nice you were able to make the right choice at the end of the whole thing.

  2. Making that decision is not always easy but with God and good counsel. Thanks for sharing this it's so on point..

  3. Thanks for sharing this... Choosing is such a dilemma

  4. Good article, I never saw myself in such a situation. When I saw him I knew he was the one and I haven't regretted it till this day.


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