Monday, 24 August 2015

How To Protect Yourself From Been Raped

Protect yourself From rape

The most common threat to womanhood in our society at present is RAPE. We are no longer what we were, we've lose our culture, and manners. When a man loses his culture and custom, he becomes a danger to the society. In recent times, we've heard and read several cases of raping in Nigeria. Just yesterday, I read more than four new raping cases.

Among them were situations where a young man raped an old widow to death. Also, a father raped his own two daughters who were both below the age of ten years. We can also remember how a lecturer was allegedly accused of raping his friend's daughter in his office all in the name of helping her for a university's admission.

 All these are brought to our notice because of media coverages. Mind you, thousands of such cases occur on a daily basis and nobody knows of it.

In a civilized environment, the best way to prevent a potential rape is to educate all members of the society, most especially the ladies. Tell them some helpful tips on how to protect themselves against it. 

However, It is on this note, that I take it upon myself to inform you on how to prevent yourself from be sexually assaulted through rape. I also urge other bloggers to help in their own best ways, to sanitize our society, before things finally get out of hand. 

It is my believe that you being informed can also go a long way in helping you avoid dangerous situation of raping. Do the following to prevent yourself from being raped.

1) Always dress decently: Am not trying to put the raping blame on you for putting on the choice of your dress. No matter what you wear, no matter how you appear, no matter how sexy your appearance looks, rapists are still meant to be blame. But dressing decently will go a long way in making rapists look less on you. It will also be difficult for such person to take on you as easy as possible.

For instance, if you are putting on a jean trouser and a nice top, it will be more difficult for rapist to have access than when you appear in a short gown which can easily be raised up to perpetrate his evil deed. So if you dressed well, it will go a long way in protecting you as a young lady. 

2) Always be at your guard: Don't ever be too free with any man. Don't assume he is your father, brother or a long time friend and you started dressing up in his presence right there in your apartment when you just finished taking your bath. I want you to know that, majority of rapes are committed by a people the victim knows. It is very rare that rapist will be a complete stranger.

From the rape cases I stated above, you can see that majority of women are raped by the men they know, whether they are friends, fiance, neighbors, or even family members. In recent times it's far more likely for a person to get raped by someone she knows than by a strangers. So don't be too free while you are with the people you know.

3) Don't take things easy: The moment you noticed someone is trying to take advantage of your closeness by giving you an unwanted attention, tell them to stop that with a very serious  and loud voice. I don't think you need to take things easy, don't take it  politely when someone is making unwanted sexual advances to you.

 Let him know you will call the attention of the people around if he made further attempt. And immediately, leave that environment, without further delay.

 4) Don't be drunk (Drink responsibly if you must drink): If you are going on outing, either to a party or just a dating, try to be in control of your mind and body as much as possible. Don't order for too much alcoholic drinks, remember you are the security of yourself and you must always be in your right sense to protect yourself. 

Don't feel too much comfortable with him and leave your drink unattended. Always be in possession of your drink. Treat your drink like your phone. Don't let anyone hold your drink. Avoid anything that somebody gives you. Always keep your hand over the top of your drink to prevent something been dropped on it. 

5) Mind how you use your phones when you are alone: Remember you are alone and not even in your home, so don't be carried away with the use of your phones. Rapists do look for your weakness. If they observed that you are highly vigilant and walking/sitting with purpose, they will not dare to attack you. But if you are alone and you are busy playing games with your phone, chatting, pinging, or using any other social media without care. They can take advantage of that to attack you.

6) Always listen to your mind: The moment you started feeling uncomfortable, uneasy or unsure in a particular place, vacate the place immediately.  If you're somewhere alone and someone strange  appear and makes you feel unsafe, then leave the place instantly and go to place where you can see other people

If you are walking on the street alone and discovered that someone is just behind you tracing your movement, move very fast, or run so that you can get to where you will find people. Don't be busy listening to music at that moment with headphone.

7) Attract Attention: If you are in a situation where someone is threatening you with rape, call for attention from people around. Make a loud noise, shout, and draw attention of others to yourself. Doing this will make him uncomfortable. He had a perfect plan before making attempt on you, try to disrupt his plan. Fight him like a brave woman, and yell loudly and strongly.

8) Watch out for anything to harm him around: This is a matter of dead or life. You can't just give it up to a rapist who you don't know how many people he had earlier raped  and whether is carrying any STDs or not. So just find any simple weapon you can use to harm him.

You need to injure him and mark him with something, but make sure you don't kill him. you can bite him seriously in his forehead or arm, and in fact this will serve an evidence in court if he wanna deny it.

Remember your security is in your hands.


  1. this are very useful tips that will go a long way in helping some people

    Glowyshoe blog

    1. Thanks...and I wished most people will apply this.

  2. I totally agree with you when you stated that only close people perpetuate this evil act.
    Lemme share a story of a known and popular rapist back then in my hall of Residence in the university. Because I was so close with the old fool, I didnot hear the noise outside. I never knew he was a serial rapist, as in crazy one until the period I broke up with my school boyfriend, he wanted to use that opportunity to rape me,he entered my room at about 11pm in the night. Hmmmn,no be small thing. To cut the short story long as per sharp island babe I escaped. Thank God I didnot lock the door that night nor did he hide the key, the rate I ran out of my room that night eeeeehn!

    1. Hmmm Bola that's good to hear you escaped. But you should have hint us on how you managed to escape from his attack. And as a law student then, do you take any legal action against him?

    2. Yes, I reported at the police Station. He ran away from School. Police were looking for him.
      During the break he came to apologize in my house. He prostrated, this guy was older than me then I was 20 while he was 34 . twas because of his attitude OAU expelled him

  3. I like the always listen to your mind point.. This is so important to all. Let your instinct direct you sometimes.. Thanks for this post.

    1. Gloria you are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Useful tips to bear in mind when faced with such situation


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