Monday, 31 August 2015

I Can't Pursue My Dreams Because Of The Fear Of Failure

I don't even know how to start this post, but let me start by asking you these couples of questions. Have you ever been scared to tell the truth because you were scared of been judged? Do you ever got afraid to love because you are scared of heart broke?Was there ever be a situation where you were scared to ask for what you want because you don't want to face the shame of rejection? How many times have you failed to trust people because you don't want to be betrayed?

Do you ever had the feeling like... “I can’t pursue my dreams because I don’t want to fail”...Any human being who is at the road of failure will always have reasons not do embark on a particular thing. He/she will always come up with the excuse that... “I can’t do A because of B…”   “I can’t do C because of D…”  All these forms of beliefs are doing us no good other than, preventing us from living our best lives! 

So with this post, I will tell you the kind of fears that are robbing you of tremendous progress.

Be familiar with some of the negative thought that can always bring you down:

1) You Can't Withstand People's Negative Impression About You If You Should Try This Or That: You may not want to say it out, but often times, what you put forward before executing your plans is others opinion on you. You don't want them to condemn you, you are just running away from any form of negative comment from them. If you continue to do this, you may not achieve anything in life.

Some months back, I wrote a post titled "Good reasons why most ladies will remain single for life'' A friend saw me putting up this post, and he advised me to stop, his reason being that many people will not like it. 

Especially, most ladies will not click it. Initially, I wanted given his opinion a consideration, but something later told me; you can never please everyone because everyone is different with his/her own set of opinions. 

So I later put it up and  posted it, though, I got so many criticism from readers, but the post remained at the top of my popular post until recently. In essence, don't allow people's opinion to stop you achieving your dream.

Since you now know that, everyone is different, why bothering trying to please people? You are better off being yourself.  You can never please everyone, you don't even need it. All you need is tod to please yourself to live a fulfilling life.

2) You Don't Want To Be Heartbroken So You Cant Fall In Love: Have you ever read the book 'Afraid to love''?. The main character of that book don't just wanna fall in love, because she felt she might be heartbroken, even though she loves the guy. Unfortunately, such a belief prevented her from finding true love. 

She finally lose so many things, she actually don't have the relationship experience she ought to have gotten for long. In my own opinion, what people failed to realize is that; to find true love, you need to put yourself out there and allow yourself to be exposed to calculated risk. 
Though you may get hurt in the process, it’s normal, but you will surely get the best.

3) You Can't Ask Him For Favour Because Of Fear Of Been Rejected: In 2007, when I first left my comfort zone to Zamfara state for my Diploma. I got there very late and the man who I was directed to meet for accommodation was not reachable. After trying his number for hours without success, I was meant to approach the passer-by if they can accommodate me till the following morning. 

I stood there for almost an hour without seeking for help because of the fear of been rejected. When I finally opened up for a guy, he accepted me like his own younger brother, and he was one of the best I ever met with an opened mind.

The truth is this, in life, people face rejection all the time. Instead of you avoiding rejection, learn how to handle it. Know that rejection is merely a process that lets you know what you are doing wrong, so you can change direction. If you keep shying away from asking because you don’t want to face rejection, you’ll only deny yourself of opportunities to get what you want.

4) You Can't Pursue Your Dreams Because Of The Fear Of Failure: I was once in this situation, so I can tell you much about it. when I wanted to quit my job to pursue my passion, I had so many fear about failure. But I later realized that the fear of failure was just there to deprive me of my dream. 

In this part of the world, fear of failure plays so many negative roles in people's lives. People fail all the time; not because they are poor, but because they are just too fearful to challenge and analyze failure. 

The most important is the actions you take when things don’t go your way. Think of how can you learn from your failures? How can you turn your failures into success? These are the questions to ask yourself to create the future of your dreams.

If you do this, you have no business with failure in your life.


  1. I'm really inspired by this piece. Well done Uthman

    1. Thanks happy it got you inspired.

  2. so true,people think failure is the last option.thats why some people commit suicide after failing

    1. Yeah...given up to suicide is the last thing any hopeful person should dare


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