Sunday, 30 August 2015

Money Making Is Not Your Real Purpose

Before our birth, we all have what we are destined to come and do in life. Eventually when we were all given birth to, our parents and the society's expectation on us was that; we will grow up one day to be successful. To earn a lot of money, to be respectable in the society, and even one day to become a president.

If you will agree with me, all these are the purposes which the society imposed on us. They are all  purposes which have been imposed upon you and I by other people as regards what they think you should do with your own life. This kind of life purpose are not your real purposes of existence. They only contain what others want  you to do. 

This kind of life purpose is what I called ''unquestionable and unchallengeable''. They have been signed and sealed by the society we found ourselves. 

A fabricated scenario
Let me explain further with this scenario. You as the only female child of your parent, whose parents has already promised her hand in marriage to an old rich man in the community. As you grow up, you get to know that everybody, including the old man is expecting you to be one day handed over to him for marriage as your parents promised.

Along the way, you met this guy, who caught your mind and you hardly live without thinking of him. He loves you in return but you are just been scared to go against the will of your parent so also the society expectation. 

Now because of the way in which the old man was introduced into your life, because of all the marriage's plan that has been put in place even before your birth. You are now left with no option. Moreover, if everyone around you is in support of this plan, there is simply no reason to question its basis. 

So due to this, you finally married to this old rich man. Not just because you love him, but because you wanted to satisfy others' wish on your own life. Even though the man is a rich man, can we say you've live to your own expectation? NO!

A Real life scenario

Law is a lucrative professional course that almost everybody want to study, but I have a friend who after his graduation from school of law and been called to Bar. He thanked his parent for their supports and encouragements.

He told them he had made them proud by doing what they wanted from him, but for him to live a fulfilling life, he had to go back to school to study Theater Art. Presently, he is in school doing what he felt it is his life's purpose.

Finding Your Real Life Purpose
What am trying to say is that, unless what you are pursuing is your heart desire and choice, your life has no meaning. It is very easy to know if you are living your real life purpose. When you are living your real life purpose, you will realized that, it comes alive from within your soul, igniting, burning, blazing, firing up everyday of your life and your existence. 

It is a purpose you have consciously created and come to embrace as your own.  It is completely different from something you were forced to do, or the societal expectation.

This is the way to know if you are living an imposed life. This kind of life is just been assigned to you and it becomes compulsory on you to follow. It is built on threat and punishment. To me it is just an obligation to live to the expectations of others. 

At the time you are pursuing this purpose, it gives you nothing rather than a short-term satisfaction. If you now do it for a very long time, gives you a sense of failure in life. You will finally feel like something has missed in you life. 

I urge you today to find out, what is your real purpose in life? And what is the life purpose which you been told or expected of from those around you? No matter what it is, kindly find away of out of them. You have to question the reasons behind those beliefs and expectation.

Why did they expect you to do them, and why can't you pursue your dream and forget them? If you can do this, this will be the beginning of living your life purpose.


  1. This touched me...thanks for sharing
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    1. You are welcome. happy new month in advance.

  2. Interesting post!
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    1. yeah..but sometimes it might not the real purpose

  4. There are some posts that you just need to come back to re-read..

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  6. Its good for one to know what really he or she is capable if doing so you caould achieve the best in that area,.

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    1. That will go a long way in encouraging someone when the going go tough. You will always remember, its your passion.

  7. You just nailed it. Except you're pursuing your life's purpose, that life will be meaningless.

  8. one must really know his or her life purpose on earth,failure to do so,you will just be running an endless race.
    i have a colleague who after been called to the bar told her parents the same thing now she is in the entertainment and advert world,mehn she is making it bigger time.


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