Friday, 7 August 2015

So Many Reasons Why I Hate Money

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I just can't imagined how powerful money has become, it is the most influnciencial non living thing in my own life - it always have its ways of affecting my plan. Money drives my life, my family, my home and all my choices in life.

My birth was in a public hospital, my primary education to university level was through public facilities. The fact is that, where you go to college, what kind of people you mingle with as friends, who you marry and spend your entire life with is determined by money. Why is money so powerful?  

Don't be surprised about this post, many bloggers write their posts on how to make money. Some write on making money online while some are specialists in teaching you offline money making strategy. So why I am writing on how to hate money? Am I different from others? Or what's my reasons?

The following are some of the reasons I hate money:

1) We spend all our lifetime searching for it: Most times, we can't just sleep and have a rest of mind because we are always in search of Money. We have to earn a living and the only thing that could make it possible is money, so we stress up lot for it. It determines the nature of job we go into, the hours of work per day and even the numbers of hours to sleep or rest. Like others do, I exhaust all my day searching for this paper called money.

2) I've never had enough of it: This is major reason why I hate money. Money is just too difficult to make, I remember how my dad used to work all days but yet could no meet all our needs. Most of the time me and my younger sister would have to sit back at home because of school fees which I considered to be extremely low for him to afford.

He always tell us, "if only I collect my salary by month end, everything would be fine," yet when he got the salary,  it would never be enough. When I grow up, I just discover that money can never be enough, no matter how hard we tried.

3) It restrict everything about my life: When will I have the freedom to do my things in my own way? When will I be able to live my life as I want it? I can't just answer that question sincerely.... Money influences every one of my life choices. I never live in the city I wanna live, buy the car I feel like riding. 

I feel like living in the most expensive town in the country, but there's no way I could afford the cost of living there. Just of  recent, I found my dream job, but it pays far less than what I can manage. So I have to forfeit it again. Why?

4) I can't help those I needed to: Almost everyday, my family, my friends and just people around me would be in need of my help. Often times, I feel like helping but money denies me.  It stops me from carrying out all the necessary things I needed to do to help others. This actually do make me feel so sorry for myself and feel like am in bondage of money.

5) It changes people carriers: Have you ever wonder why someone who should be an academist to teach and train others, eventually ran into music because of money. Some will even go into another profession contrary to their wish, and dreams just to earn a living. 

As an hardworking youth, your parents can’t take care of themselves like they used to, and it’s up to you to provide for them. But, you barely make enough to take care of yourself, and you’re forced to give them substandard care. You just have to quit your dream profession and go after something else to earn money.

6) Difficulties on how to spend it: This is the worst and the last reason why I hate money. Haven struggle all life yo earn facing the difficulty on how to spend it. I don't know if you feel this way also, sometimes yji little you earn, it will become Korea difficult to spend. You have to sit down and draft a serious list of how to spend like we are in this life to serve money.

Do you feel likeI feel please?


  1. I agree with you on this to some extent. But I me I don't hate money, I love money. I can't wait to start making my millions

    1. you still love it despite all the stress we passed through to earn and to spend it? That's real love. thanks for stopping by.

  2. You're right somehow, but even at that, I still love money because there is virtually nothing you can do without it


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