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Three Ways To Be Smart And Be Successful In Life

You keep wondering why you have been struggling to get the right job, marry a good spouse; get your dream academic grade in school?  You've tried everything, yet it’s just not working out.
Well, it’s not because you’ve not really tried enough, nor because someone is stopping your progress. Should I tell you the truth? It’s simply because you’re not READY to succeed. I mean it; you are not just ready to make it.

You tried all strategies to make it in life, because you just want to be successful like the few other persons but you are not smart. Successful people are SMART and you are not.

The reality about success
The truth about been successful in life is not only about how hard you work, but how smarter are you. It’s also about whom you are and who you want to be. If you’re smart, it’s relatively easy to make it.
Do you know that, it is very possible to do everything the other person did to be successful, and you do it correctly without an error, and you will still fail to have a good result?
Can we now conclude that you are cursed? Or do you think it’s all about your destiny not to make it, or something more spiritual? No! If you will believe me, your failure isn’t about fate.  It’s about deciding who you want to be and then making yourself into that person. READ: How To Know Your Life's Destiny

My early experience about been successful
When I was growing up, neither was I brought up with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor trained in an average family setting. In all my elementary schools, I attended public schools amidst serious financial crisis. These always make me bother about what my life will look like when I grow up.

Sometimes, I do ask myself if I will ever manage to complete my primary school, talk less of having a secondary education. I always sleep and wake up with an anticipation of having a disappointed life in future.

There was this neighbor who once helped me to pay my school fees (#120) while my parents were incapacitated financially. After given me the money, he said… "Saheed, I know all you are going through, but be smart, you can be what you want in life". READ: How to deal with fear of failure

Initially, I doubted him, because I never believe that could work out for me. So, my inner response was that, he should try to sell his idea to someone else with bright future not me. Who was unable to enroll for at-least a public secondary school for two years after completing my primary education. 

I later read a popular book by Ben Carson, "Think Big", and it changed my mindset and perception about my life and everything. I started seeing victory, I saw myself making it in life. So I decided to make it, no matter what. 

So the first challenges I had to start pursuing my dream were the kind of people I moved with. They just won’t let me make headway. I needed a time to think, plan and read, but had never gotten the time, they always give me their own good reasons to leave everything till later, all they care about is let catch fun.

So I had the need to do away with them, I just needed my own time to do what I want. This was the first smartest thing I did. It was not really easy, but for me to achieve in life, I had to replace them. Confidently today, I can tell you to replace those bad friends you keep. You said why? Ok let me say…

1)      You Must Replace Your Friends

This would be difficult and painful, but it’s something you just have to do. I just got to know that, if you want to grow, you have to replace your friends. Am not saying you should insult them or drive them away, but you need to stop spending as much time with them as you used to.  

I know you may think of helping them instead of replacing them. Am telling you, you can’t take them along, not because you are not ready, but because they won’t want to come. They are always happy with whom they are, and will never have any desire to grow.  

Though it won’t be easy, but you have to leave them behind. If you want to grow, you have to become someone new, change your way of thinking, how you talk, and the type of  people you hang out with.
If want to become a better blogger? You need to find some professional bloggers and make friends with them. Try as much as possible to interact with them. Talk to them and learn some new skills from them about writing and blogging.

At a start, talking to them may not be funny. You’ll feel like an idiot. Eventually though, you’ll get smarter, just by hanging around with them. You won’t be able to help it.  That’s what good friends do: they help us grow.

2)      Learn new thing on a daily basis:

Nobody is an island of Knowledge, you don’t know it all neither do I myself. You just have to give room for learning new things every time, every day. Those people you admire as a successful people, they don’t know everything, but they are smarter than you, by learning new things constantly. 

That self confidence they have is built from experience. I advise you to spend at least three hours a day learning something new. I don’t care how or when you do it. Just make sure you do that.

3)      Think much and high

Here, I’m not telling you to hide yourself somewhere and be lost in thought about something worthless…or thinking about your problems. You need to think about what you want to do, and how you want to do it, so that when you finally go into it, you will get it once. 

If I may ask you, how often do you sit down and think about your plan? If you are a blogger, how many hours are spent thinking about how to improve your writing and blogging skills?

When I was in school, the little time I used to think was about my family, my test my exam and how to attend to other academic issues. I will don’t use to think about what I was going to write and blog about until night when I on my system.

I regretted doing this, It was a big mistake because most of those posts I made then are nowhere to be found on this blog again; I deleted them all. They were sub standard.

If you want to make it in life, you need time to think. Not just for a few minutes, but for hours. As painful as it may be, you’re going to have to cut some things out of your life to give yourself time to do this right.
If you want to succeed, you have to change. Surround yourself with smart people, bury yourself in books, and cut all the crap out of your life that’s distracting you.  You may not feel it happen, but it will change you gradually...

You will notice tremendous progress and your dream success will surely come true. Nothing will really change about your lifestyle, until you change your ways

I hope this helps?

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