Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blogging Could Be A Waste Of Your Time As A Career

Can't make money online
As we all know there are couples of reasons why people create blogs and take it for a career job. They committed so much of their time, energy and resources online. One among those reasons is "Internet Money Making". Which is the main purpose for which so many people want to start up their own blog.

Online money is real and thousands of internet users are making money on the internet on a daily basis. So if the main reason for which you want to start your own blog is to make money, then I will tell you why blogging could be a waste of your time.

I hope you are aware that; it is very possible to be an active blogger and yet it won't be for the purpose of money making? There are so many bloggers writing because it just their passion and they felt like helping others. The reward for this kind of good gesture is not measurable in naira not even in dollars. 

Though blogging has become so popular over the years that everyone assumes it is the easiest way to make money online. Unfortunately, it always resulted to a significant waste of time to many, especially those who want to make money as soon as possible.

Now if you are out for blogging to make cool and legal cash immediately, starting a new blog can be a wrong decision in the following ways.

1) Blogging Will Never Earn You Immediate Cash: When I started blogging, I thought it was as simple as making a post today and earning some cool dollars tomorrow. It had never been so, and it won't be. Starting a new blog can really deprive you of achieving your main online intention ‘making money’.

If you needed an urgent cash online, I think you have to quit blogging and invest in another means of internet money making.

2) Blogging Is More Stressful Than A Bank Job And You May Not Earn Anything: Let us reason this way, you just started a blog today. You will need a good and attractive design, some quality posts and you have to do a lot on SEO in order to make yourself known. Doing all these is stressful and can take you several months before noticing any reasonable traffic on your blog. 

This can be so distracting, and you will end up spending a lot of money without earning a kobo. If at the end of the day, you decided to quit like many do, then, you’ve wasted a reasonable amount of time and resources which would have been put together for something else.

3) Blogging Is Distracting: As popular as the word ‘blog’ today, one will assume it is the only way of making money on the internet. But not.

Blogging will make you forget that, there are other several ways to make money. At a start, your blog will consume the whole of your time that you will hardly have time for other online activities. Blogging is a whole lot of work and takes a long time to yield you anything. 

Have you ever think of it that; if new bloggers put the amount of time they spend on getting a post idea, writing some quality articles and sharing it on social media into developing an ebooks for sell, Data bundle/airtime sites or running a full time affiliate marketing, they would have been better off today. 

My sincere advice

Honestly, am not really here to discourage you or kill your hopes/dreams. Am just here to open your mind to something you are probably not thinking about. If you are successful, its my joy because am definitely sure you are going to help others. That will go a long way in improving our unemployment situation. 

Blogging requires some skills in writing, if you are not good at that and your writing skill has not improved in any way over some months now. You need to take a look at your strategy, and if you are not ready for that, then blogging may not be for you.

If you are like me who think blogging is as lucrative as creating one blog today and start making cool cash immediately, am sorry blogging may not work for you.

Am not asking you to quit internet because of all these, the opportunities online are endless, so just look into some other best ways of making online. And that will be cool for you. Moreover, your main goal is to earn money online and earn a living from it.

If you are really good in writing, blogging becomes easier. You just have to keep on blogging and make sure you love doing it, believe in your ability, set a long term goal and trust long term strategy to achieve them. The assurance is that, even if blogging doesn’t seem like its paying up right now it will do in the nearest future..


  1. You are very right! Blogging is way harder than I thought. I wont give up though.

    A hilarious labour room experience.

    1. Yea...very stressful. it takes determination to keep going

  2. You are very right bro. I had to quit blogging when I tried it for almost a year without earning a kobo and I found out it was because I thought I could make instant cash from my blog then bit now I have my new blog, and I enjoy blogging because I found out the basics in blogging and I now love what I do, not because of the money but the zeal and love for blogging and teaching people how to make money online and offline HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE AND OFFLINE LEGALLY

  3. wow! i don't really see blogging as a means of making money but rather as a means of passing out valuable information!!!

    how are you doing uthman saheed?????

  4. Well said, Oshey

  5. This is absolutely correct...

  6. Lolz I agree with you. I wonder how people that work full time still blog everyday. Una dey try

    You can only enjoy blogging if you make money from it and if writing is just a passion for you

  7. When I opened my blog, I have no intention of making money with it. It was a call to help youths in distress esp our young girls. So many of our young women are suffering in silence. I'm a woman who has interacted with lots of young girls and being once a young girl, so I know. I'm not that good in narratives but knowing what am called to do with the blog keeps me going. For those whose aim is to make money with their blog, I wish them luck. Nothing is impossible under the sun because it's not him who commends himself is approved of but who the Lord's commends, neither is it him who wills or runs but it's God that shows mercy. With God all things are possible. The Lord is ur strength. Peace be with all.


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