Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Common Mistakes You Will Always Make As A New Couple

<mistakes by new couples>
Love is so great, and its miraculous. When you finally got married to that special lover, it makes you think the whole world belongs to you. Out of this excitement, you are meant to make the following mistakes.  

1) You Will Not Want Anyone Around Your Marriage: When you are newly married, the only thought of freedom that will come to your heart  is to be free from all sort of people's interference in your marriage. Therefore,  your whole world is in existence only around your partner.

The situation of  just wedded will make you want to to spend all time with your partner. You want to satisfy them at the expense of others and you just don't care.

A friend of mine got married last month, but before the marriage, she actually told me that, immediately after her wedding, she and her husband will close all entrances for people to come into their lives. I told her that's not smart enough. 

Your family and friends were part of your relationship before it finally resulted to marriage. So you need to welcome them as they welcomed you then. I'm not saying you should spend all your time with them, but at least spend some time. 

Don’t take these people for granted.  They will always be there for you when things go bad in your marriage. They’re the ones that are going to stay. Treat them right, don’t let this newly found relationship make you forget about other people that are very important in your life.

2) You Will Not Want To Talk Of Anything Except Your Relationship: An  not under estimating the importance of your relationship. I'm sure your spouse is the most loving and caring, and most beautiful/handsome person in the world. But do you know its only for you? 

Some of your family members or friends might not see him/her that way. So instead of going on and on about your partner and boring your friends with all talks about your spouse, keep the relationship talk to a minimum. They’re the people you can talk to about this stuff, but you need to draw a line somewhere. Try focusing on the conversation at hand, rather than your partner,my husband, my wife, my darling.      

I know, no one can understand how you feel about this love. That feeling you get every time you think of them, or talk to them or see them. Or how they make you smile by doing nothing at all. Or how it feels right to be with them.

There’s nothing wrong in having this special feeling to your new married spouse, but don’t be too vocal about it. And if they make any reasonable opinion about your relationship, don’t disregard what other people have to say about it.

3) You No Longer Have Hour Own Opinions: Whenever I have discussion with my brother when he newly got married,  politely, he will inform me of his intention to tell his wife before taking any decision. I keep wondering if he has no freedom again. 

It is still very possible you share many common opinions, but not in all cases. And moreover, there are some issues  someone will not want you to discuss with your spouse. So You’re still the same independent person you were before getting into a relationship so try to make some decision without them, if situation demands.

4) No Breathing Space Between You: You are always found together, and no free period. It is wonderful you are in a good relationship and its cool to always be together. But everyone needs their space. If you’re always found together, it may not only become irritating for the both of you, but also disgusting for the people around you.

Do you realized that your friends and family may want to spend some time with you and talk about things they can’t talk about in front of your partner, and you should provide them with such an opportunity. Your partner may not be welcome everywhere and all the time.So give them sometimes.

Doing everything in a moderate way will not only make your relationship interesting to both of you, but also to everyone around you.

Whats your opinion on this?


  1. You're right Uthamn. Great post, well done

  2. Hmmmmm!!! Are you married?

    1. response is NOOOO. Am not. So I stand the chance to be corrected by married individuals who have a contrary opinion.

  3. i actually agree with no one..i have friends who act that way..but after one year of marriage they are trying to hangout...abeg plenty work is on my hands

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  4. You are so right, but some family members are not worth to be in your life biko. They have no usefulness even now and forever.

    1. Yeah...thats true. But we should not apply that to all families.


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