Monday, 28 September 2015

How To Achieve Every Goal You Set In Life

<how to achieve all goals in life> 
As a human being with purpose, it is our dream to grow. To grow, either been successful in our business, our careers, attaining a financial growth being happy or be self dependence. 

All these are just our dreams, and we've already set them down as our goals to achieve. But we all know that, having a dream or drafting down a goal will never make us to be successful except we act on it. 

The truth still remains that, it is necessary

to have goals and we need to work towards achieving them. 

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, but if you don’t take it to the next step, you cannot achieve anything.

But so often the things we want to achieve seem so far and so difficult to achieve. We often give up on them before we even started executing them.  

Over time in my life, have dropped so many dreams I had from childhood because I lack proper plan to work on them. Not really because I don't feel like pursuing them any longer, but because its much stressful to achieve as I knew nothing about setting a goal and achieving it.

So with this post, I will render few suggestion for achieving your goals with less stress. 
1) Be A Visionary Person: You need to start looking forward and imagine, what will your life look like when you have achieved your goal?  Do you want to grow up some day, and look like Dangote? 

Then you need to start seeing yourself attaining that height in life. With this, you will want to achieve your goal and positively intend to make it happen. 

If you don’t have this conviction, then you don’t really have a goal, just a dream. I'm not saying its wrong to have a dream, but if you don’t take it to the next step, you cannot achieve anything.  

Therefore, try as much as possible to be a visionary. A visionary is not someone who simply has grand ideas but someone who pursued and execute the idea. 

True visionaries have every intention of turning these dreams into reality. They believed that, success is going from failure to failure without a lack of enthusiasm.

It might take you years to achieve something and, in those years, you might fail a thousand times. But you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going
. If you don’t keep on trying, you’ll fail for sure.  

 2) Don't Ever Lose Focus: You don't have to quit. Keep on going and, when you feel like giving up just look forward towards what you wanted to achieve. 

For instance, if your want to travel from Lagos to Maiduguri you need to make certain decisions. You need to decide whether to fly, drive, or join a train, when to set out, what to take for the journey, what to do when you get there, how long to stay, and so on. 

This is also what it requires to achieve a goal. You want to move from low level to high level, so you must plan and remain focus while trying to execute your plan.

3) You need to break your goal down into small steps: The goal of becoming a successful wealthy business man could look so difficult. It could be as difficult as climbing a mountain. 

But the mountain can only be climbed one step at a time and wealth is usually accumulated one naira at a time.
Therefore, I advise you to break down your goal into lots of smaller unit.

 For instance, you want to graduate with first class at the end of your university program. Then, you must be able to device a plan of getting first class in most of your semester's results. 

That means you need to execute your plan on semester basis. If you don't do so, you may not be able to achieve your goal. If your goal is different from attaining academic excellence, then set a monthly or quarterly goals.

As far as  my lovers trick is concerned. I have a set of overall  and then I set quarterly and yearly goals going out for the next few years to come.
 If you will believe me, anything can be achieved with vision, proper planning, persistence and great effort.  You will surely make it, just be patience and never give up.

 I hope this helps?

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  1. Hmmmn, so true. proper planning helps a business to grow faster. God help me with my plans


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