Monday, 14 September 2015

How To Be Highly Productive In Life

How to increase your productivity
Productivity is not all about ability to finish a lot of work within a short period of time, it is more of how you manage yourself to achieve a certain level of success within a time frame. Productivity is the ability to create a lot of high impact work in a short period of time. 

As an individual who is struggling to make it, this is the kind of productivity we should concern ourselves with. The productivity that will be of help to ourselves and to others.

Today, I will share four habits you should exhibit as someone who want to achieve a great level of productivity in what you do. 

1) Do away with Unimportant Things: You just need to know how to do away or reduce your dealings with anything that is not important.  Any productive person will get to work early in the morning, first of all write down a list of things to do for the day. 

Thereafter will evaluate which are the most important things out of the list, circle them; and rank them in order of priority.This is the way to be productive in life.

Sometimes with my very busy schedule, I do find it difficult to identify, the most important activities to be prioritized. So what I do is to prioritize those things that bring me closer to my dreams. These will be my most important tasks to perform first in that day. 

For instance, on a daily basis, teaching my students and working on my blog allow me to reach out to more people who are in need of knowledge. And my vision is to help others achieve their best potential in life, so I like working on those two things as they bring me closer to achieving my goal in life.

2) Be familiar with your time wasters:  Two years ago, I wrote a book titled ‘Be Familiar With Your Time Waster’. It was written because, I noticed, in our society today, it has become so easy to reach out to someone. Everyone is just so close to you so far you are with your smart phones and internet facilities.
You will notice that in every few minutes, people from different places will get across to you. This could be either by SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, BBM or through any other means. 

While you are so busy trying to achieve a certain level of productivity within a time frame, your phone rings, you receive hundreds of irrelevant text messages from MTN and others. You get new unimportant mails and your phone notifies you; or even some unknown friends request notification from Facebook comes in to distract you. 

It is not funny that, there are constantly messages coming from all different directions, demanding for your attention. And every time you pay attention to them, you have been distracted from doing what matter to you.

You must deal with all these in order to get real work done. In my book, I recommend that you should make it difficult for people to reach you especially when you are so busy. Most times, I do off my phones to avoid unnecessary disturbance when I want to write or have any target to meet.

You don’t have to be disconnected throughout the day, but do that during your busy hours. It is about focusing on what matters to you and creating real value you want in your life 

 3) Have a break at the right time: There has never be a time where being productive requires you to work non-stop throughout the day. Don’t be surprised, it’s by overstressing yourself that you become less productive.
When I was preparing for my final semester exam in the University, it was that very moment that I was meant to complete and submit my research work's report. And also, I wanted to keep my blog alive plus other responsibilities. 

Considering all these, I resulted to sleeping for just two or three hours in a day for more than a month. I finally felt sick, and the doctor, only advised me to take a break and rest to avoid further complication.

Believe me, no matter what you want to achieve in life, to rest is important. There are certain areas of your life that work can’t fulfill, such as your health, love and family.

4) Have a time Frame: We are not in this life to life in perpetuity. So whatever you want to achieve, you have to set a time frame. This means if you don’t set a time frame, you can take forever to complete what you’re doing. 
So, set timelines. When you set timelines, you set the intention to complete the work by this time, hence paving the way for the reality to manifest.

If I can ask you a question, what do you want to achieve before this month end? What are your weekly goals? What is your daily goal that you must achieve today? Among my daily goals, I must write and publish an article on my blog, what about you?

I Hope This Helps?

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