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How To Build Your Self-Confidence To Achieve Success

Building a self confidence in yourself to achieve success
You having a self-confident attitude makes you pursue your dreams fearlessly. It equips you to conquer your challenges, no matter how hard they are. It sets you off to live your greatest life as possible.

Someone with self-confident is the one with a strong sense of belief and certainty in himself. This attribute is always been related with possession of certain knowledge, skills or abilities. Whosoever is found with this kind of ability, is always seen to be a determined individual who whenever he sets a goal, he get it achieved.

On the other hand, anyone with lack of self-confidence, can be regarded as a person that lack self belief, usually caused by a sense of uncertainty about one thing or another. Such kind of person will hardly set a goal, talk-less of pursuing it. This is because it’s their beliefs that, they can’t make it.
Such people will always:

       ·    Looked down on what they are capable of doing
       ·    Accept  blame even though they are not at  fault
       ·    Always feel shy about everything and
       ·    Do everything in their lives to please others without reason
What actually gives these people a setback is their self restricting mindsets as a result of Lack of self-confidence. It often limits them in grasping opportunities and jeopardizes their chances of success in life.  
How Lack of Self Confidence Deprived Me of Love

In my senior class in the secondary school, there was this young pretty lady everybody perceived to be the most brilliant girl in her class. When you talk of beauty and smartness, I doubt if there was any body to compete with her in the school.

Then I had a natural feeling for her, but I can’t express myself. Not just because I was a shy type but because I lack a complete sense of competence. So most of my friends advised me to confront her and open up.

While I can’t approach her physically, I had to send a letter across. She received the note, and came to my class in company of her friends to confirm if I was the ‘Saheed’ who actually sent the note; instantly my body became frozen and I denied it. Smiles!

On our vacation day in school, one of her friends who was my classmate, confronted me to ask why was I lying, and moreover the lady herself has been talking so much about me and she won't mind if I talk to her. 

That I shouldn’t worry, when we resume back to school in the final year, she will be an intermediary to bring us together. Unfortunately, the girl later fell sick and died during the long term vacation break. That was how I lost her.

Ever since then, I spoke to my mind, and promised to always be confident, no matter what. So thereafter, there has been many times in life where been confident has helped me. I always feel so confident about myself, even without any hope.

Also, when I got admission into University of Ilorin, I was fully confident that I would perform well and escape the “face Tanke’’ trap after the first year exam. When most classmates were running up and down to meet up with the crossing CGPA of 1.5 or 2.0 as the case may be, I never thought of that, I just believed in myself. I was only planning on how to graduate with the best result.

Coming into active blogging, when I first started, I earn nothing, I don’t even have readership. I remained focused and believed I will definitely make it to the top. So I continue blogging. My slogan was that, ‘even if nobody reads it, I will continue writing’. Because it’s my passion and it’s what I like doing.

But at present, I started feeling more confident as I noticed a tremendous increment in my readership and how my little effort is helping others. Now on a daily basis, I receive calls, texts, emails and others from people I never know…encouraging me to keep moving. Thank God for that.

Important of Self Confidence

The truth is that, been self-confidence is clearly an asset to your life. Not only does it put you at a better and more positive emotional and mental state, it also sets you up toward getting what you want. 

Having self-confidence enables you to fearlessly pursue your biggest dreams. It equips you to conquer your challenges, no matter how difficult they are. It sets you off to live your greatest life possible.
Do The Following To Increase Your Self-Confidence

1)   Impose the sense of self-beliefs on yourself: You have to do this yourself. You need to start believing in your own ability. This is one of the best way to help developing confidence.

Try as much as possible to attend many self-help motivational seminars or read any self-help books on increasing confidence. All these will definitely help you.

2)   Work on factors that are killing your self-confidence: This is more practical  approach to increasing self-confidence. Try to find out what’s making you lose confidence in yourself, is it because you are a shy type or you are not just good at confronting people.

It could even be the caliber of friends you handout with. They may be the fearful one, and are influencing you gradually. So take charge and eliminate it.

          3)   Increase your personal observation: Anytime you observed a circumstance where you do not feel self confident. Try to find out why are you not feeling self-confident?

            Where is this uncertainty coming from? If you are able to find out these, then you can work on them to improve your confidence level.


  1. sometimes i think i dont have self confidence.i will try some of your tips.

    1. If You didn't say it, it's difficult to tell.

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  2. I used to have the same feeling until I told myself that I can be confident and do whatever I am determine to do, and it worked for me


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