Monday, 7 September 2015

How To Cope In A Relatioship Where Your Partner Cheats

You must agree with me that; if a partner is cheating, he/she has already breached the whole trust in the relationship. This makes the real purpose of the relationship to be abused and it's values no longer hold. That's why I always advise; no matter how desperate you are to get married, try to get the right person. Marriage or relationship is more of getting the right person, than dating for the sake of dating alone.

Some partners cheat for so many reasons. Though no matter what the reasons are, it is regarded as been unfaithful and can lead to a serious problem in a relationship. If your partner is a repentant and has decided and promised not to cheat again, trusting such person again may be difficult. And we all know that, breaking up is not always the best solution to solving a relationship's problem. 

With this post, I tell you some certain steps to rebuild your trust in him or her and move on.  If he has cheated and has expressed remorse for what he or she has done, then you may need to take certain steps to move forward in your relationship.

Since trust has been breached, you have to do the following to rebuild it in order to cope with a cheating partner.

1) Find Out Why He/She Cheats: Contrary to what most people think about cheating, Cheating is not always about having sex with the third party. Partners cheat for so many reasons, believe me it is not always about sex. Some people cheat because they needed someone to keep their company...either online or on social gathering that you will not be available.

So don't just conclude that your partner cheated just for sex alone. Try to find out why and this will help you to know the nature of the problem.

2) Force Your Partner To Be Disconnected With The Third Party: In order for you to  rebuild the trust, your partner needs to cut off all contacts with the person in question. What this means is that you should ask your partner to break all ties with the person.
Doing this may be difficult if the person involved is a close friend or someone your partner sees on a daily basis. But no matter how difficult, you just have to demand for that. So that your mind can be free of suspense.
3) Encourage your partner to be more free with you: Try to share more of your emotions with your partner and encouraging your partner to do the same with you will help strengthen your bond. Make it a habit to confide in each other every day. This will prevent him from going to someone else.
4) Establish consequences to deal with the possibility of another affair: There is always a possibility that your partner may cheat again and again, so you have to establish penalty for possible re-occurrence. You also need to put this in writing and work with a lawyer to make them legally binding.In case he or she does the same again.

5) Rebuild The Trust: Marriage or any other forms of relationship is all about trust: So Knowing that your partner has had an affair with someone else may give you a high level of emotional disorder. Trusting such person back may be difficult, not to talk of been committed again. 

Since you are not breaking up from the relationship, you just have to forgive and trust again...


  1. Coping with a cheating partner it's not always easy.. These points don't come to mind either.. Lol. (I didn't make sense right?)..

  2. You do...its not always easy to cope with. About the points coming to mind or not, it depends on individuals and how we tackle any family related problems.

    Its still very possible you have an alternative way of addressing this and get a positive result.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Point 4 getting a lawyer who will draft the agreement. Do Nigerians practice this? I agree with no 2 the earlier he or she can disconnect from the 3rd party, the better.

    1. You will draft the agreement yourself and get it signed and stamp by a court...just like you do in transfering of properties. Mostly done by lawyers and am sure you can do it Bola if engaged.

      thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks for this Uthman, I wish and hope my partner doesn't cheat on me because I don't even want to cope in such relationship

    1. The better is when he does'nt cheat...But for those that do, this may be useful


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