Friday, 11 September 2015

How To Rise Up Every Time You Failed

I don’t know if you’ve ever feel down and dejected. A feeling which is caused by a fear of failure. Sometimes when I put in all my ability in pursuing a goal and am unable to make it as planned. My mind poses a serious fear in me and it often becomes so difficult to overcome. Have you ever experienced something like this?

If you are the types that always try to succeed in life, you must have been faced with this kind of situation, where you felt like everything is working against you. 

You feel like having no luck, so giving up to try again will then sets in. Sometimes you will even decide to quit and never make effort to try any more. That is why is very easy for someone to give up on love, after several disappointment.

The only way to success is to keep on trying – trying in a right direction. I remember in about two years ago when my cousin wanted to go study abroad. After sitting for the entrance exam in more than three times and spent a lot of money without success. Then she decided to quit. 

With tears running down her cheeks, she told me, she was giving up and will never try again. I felt like crying with her. But as a man, I only encouraged and told her that, her effort was not enough. She should just try for the last time. She did and she made it. 

My only problems with quitters is that they always quit at a point when is a step ahead of success. If they should try one more time, they will make it. 

My Friend For Instance

I graduated with a friend, who before getting admission into the university wrote jamb for good seven times. Meaning he was pursuing a university admission for seven years without making it. 

Sometimes, he passes jamb without admission and another time he fail. Until that very year, when he finally got admission and he is now a graduate. 

How many times have you tried that you are considering giving up on your goal? Have you tried for the second time…4th…10th and the 50th times without success?

Two days ago, I was approached by one of the boys I mentor. He told me that, no matter how hard he worked to succeed, it always proved to be ineffective. What’s going on in his life he never knows.

After a cross examination of him, I got to know that he did not really understand what it takes to be successful. So I only advised him with a Japanese proverb…‘’Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight’’. That’s the logic.

 Let Take Buhari For Instance…
GMB became the president of Nigeria, haven contested for the same position for good 12years. After a repeated attempt he kept changing his political parties and political ideologies. Finally he is now an icon of Change in Nigeria.

This means that if you could not be successful after making all the efforts required, it’s either means that you are not doing the right thing or you don’t even know the right thing to do. You have to come up with a new plan to overcome these problems. 

As my mentor do tell me ‘nothing can stop your progress; you are just like a river. If a river meets a blockage while moving, it doesn’t stop flowing. Instead, it changes its way and move towards another direction’. 

Change was what Buhari did. Why can’t you?  If there’s something that you cannot achieve even after repeated attempts, then you need to change yourself and the approach. 

Guild To Success

Let me give you the guide to be successful…Do you know what it is? The best guides to success are your competitors and those who have succeeded in what you are trying to do. If they can do it, you too can. Always remember that successful people are not different but they do things differently.

Try to find out what they did, which you failed to do. I’m not saying that, what work for them must work for you, but you’ll surely get the basics guides you needed to make it from them.

As an accounting student in school, no matter how difficult a calculation assignment was. Once I have a solved example of a similar problem, the assignment becomes easy.

So apply this approach, whatever you are planning to do, you must have successful people who have done it before. Treat them as the solved examples and solve your problems by learning from them. 

You need to always be self-confident and believe you can make it, no matter how difficult. Put this quote in mind ‘Life is not about waiting for a problem to be solved. It’s about learning how to cope with the problem and succeed’.


  1. Anyone who wishes to succeed in life must be self confident and always learn to try again after any failed attempt.

  2. The Buhari's example is so on point..

  3. The road might seem hard but all it takes is patience and hardwork and everything will fall into place

    Glowyshoe blog

    1. Yeah..but people do find it difficult to wait and continue despite of no success

  4. buhari is always my example of a success story.he really inspire me.

    1. That's true Bola...for everyone that want to succeed, they must see him as an icon of continuous trial to succeed.


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