Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I'm Uthman Saheed - And This Is My Life

With my life experience, “Life is not a bed of rose”. Few of us were born with silver spoon, while majority were born without any spoon, either silver or plastic. In my entire life, I’ve been in a constant battle just to survive and to live a life, full of achievements. The pattern of my life is designed in such a way that; few days are better than others…while some many are filled with fear, stress and Frustration.

As a human being, sometimes I feel so bad about everything. While some other times I feel more alive and grateful for my existence. At a youthful age, one may chose to be successful, but will be left with no option than to give up on your dreams as time pass on. Most especially when you belong to the
fatherless family like mine. A family where a mother of five struggles all alone to keep us alive.
My Life Pattern
I can’t boldly say, whether my life pattern has been good or not, but you should be able to say when you finished read my story. When I was growing up, it was not really easy to figure out how to balance my dream and my lifestyle in order to achieve my goals.
It used to be a very difficult task for me, whenever am to give my life a purpose. This actually caused me to spend the first ten years of my life pursuing nothing order than a shadow.
Then in the next ten years, I worked hard and tirelessly to pursue a certain goal. And am presently using another couple of years pursuing something else which is completely different from what I’ve done before.
It has always been a stressful journey down here. Right from the elementary schools, to secondary, Polytechnic and University. No day was free of stress and no day was significantly better than the others. It was all about earning a living from street hawking, sales representative and doing sort of other dangerous casual work to survive.
Presently, I’ve succeeded in putting my life in order and everything is now arranged. Don’t misunderstand me, putting things together is far from owing a house, a car, much money or getting a stable job. It is more of personal journey…and I’m already on it.

Me & A Friend

The People In My Journey
I have been face with so many obstacles on my way to success, but it has never been me alone. Whenever I feel like giving up and I remember them. I keep having some good reasons to continue. I thank God for sending such a set of wonderful helpers to me.
Apart from my mum, all others are people who I never thought would be of help. They are people who can be comfortable watching me dying, but did not just do so. They can sweep me off my feet, but they kept me moving. 

They are the people who know everything about me, and took me for whom I am. They had never been scared to trust or support me, no matter how hard. These people am talking about are few family members and couple of friends.
Often times, friends can only come around when thing are easy for you…and you will be left alone when things go rough. In my own case, I’ve been blessed with wonderful friends who always crave for my success to come.
Some of these friends had reshaped our friendship to brotherhood. They are just the hope in my misery life journey.
The One I lost On The Way
Hmmmm! Every progress I made in Life reminds me of few important people in my life, who are no longer on the surface of the earth today. They’ve given all it takes to see me through the struggle of this earth. Unfortunately, they are no longer around to witness me growing to be what they wanted me to be.
My dad, my cousin (A.K) and my friend (Lawal) are people I will do anything to bring them back alive if God permit. I wished they will be part of my journey till now…they would have made a lot of difference. I missed them all and May their souls rest in peace.
My love Life…
On several occasions, I had been left heartbroken by people I never thought could hurt me. In the same vein, I had disappointed few lovers by refusing to give them the necessary attention they deserved.
All in the name of been busy pursuing my dreams. Let me just say AM SORRY. Presently, am already hooked with someone my mind chooses. 
While trying to pass through the difficult track we called life. I had so many reasons to rebuild a new life after every disappointment. I’ve had so many threats of knives on my throat, but I had never given up. I cried most times when things worried me to the heart, but I’ve never quit and I never stopped writing…
This is because I will never quit when am tired, I will only rest after I might achieved my dreams. For every Young people who is still struggling to survive, just don’t give up trying. Success is certain.


  1. Nice one boss..I always want to be like you

    1. Smiles...you will be the best soon. Just keep trying and never give up

  2. Awwwwwww, It is well bro. May God bless your hustle


  3. This is one of the best article you have written.. God bless you for inspiring us with your experience.. It will (has) turn out for a testimony..


  4. Sometimes we sit down and reflect on our lives which is what you've just done through this post. I sincerely admire your courage to share your life's experiences. You will surely get to your desired destination in life. Well done

  5. ThankGod for where He's taking you to...and thanks for sharing
    Nma's Blog 

  6. Awwwww we all have those moments in our life. At times we feel, it's just us in this world. But it's good to know oneself inside out...

    We will all get there. Hardwork pays and God knows the set time for everything.....

  7. awwww... i was imagining every aspect of this writeup..don't worry or give up, God's plan for you will surely come to pass...i wish you all the best

    Glowyshoe blog

  8. Everyone has his or her own story to tell and behind every beautiful bread, there's sure a journey of hell and hardship.

    The best of you is still on the way, keep working towards your dream and i wish you the best bro.

  9. May God continue to bless our hustle.
    Thank God you have succeeded in putting your life in other...

    Cheers bro!

  10. As for an American audience, we know little about the lives of people like yourself, so if you should choose to write to a Western audience, specifically describing your joys and struggles would be to tell them about a world of which they are largely ignorant.

    I have never been physically challenged regarding the essentials. My life has been spent following whatever way was easiest by drifting into whatever schools, courses, and jobs presented themselves to me without me having to go out and look and work for them. This has given me a feeling of purposeless that I might very well grow old and die with. I have completed 19 years of school, but I’m uncertain how much good I actually got from it since I wasn’t an especially good student.

    I don’t understand your desire to write so many objectively helpful posts rather than to write personal posts about yourself and what you have achieved and learned based upon your experiences. To me, this constitutes the most help that any of us can give because instead of directing our thoughts as if from on high, we’re directing them from the position of a fellow traveller who’s still down in the mud, so to speak, yet has gained wisdom that is worth sharing. I feel that you care about me, and that you want to help people. That’s the number one thing you need to do, and you succeed in it. There’s a sweetness about you that I treasure, and I hope our friendship will grow over the years because I don’t feel closer to much of anyone than I do to bloggers I’ve known for years.

    1. Thanks for your interest in me. I agreed with you sir, personal posts about myself to teach others how to achieve certain thing in life is more helpful.

      I've written some couples of articles like that. They are about my experiences in one stage of life or the other.

      Just that in recent time, less people are interested in how you live your life. They just needed a solution to issues objectively.

      How are you sir.

    2. “Just that in recent time, less people are interested in how you live your life. They just needed a solution to issues objectively.”

      Maybe they’re young, my friend. At my age, I don’t look to others for personal advice but am hellbent on going my own way, and developing the ability to let others go their own way even if it means we don’t go together. I must tell you that even in blogland, there are few people who I truly enjoy, and you are one of them. Still, I think one of the most important lessons in life is the willingness to let people go when it’s their time to do that.


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