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Important Goals Setting Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Do you ever set a goal and later gave up on it? Like how many times have you tried and failed? How often do you set goals, make a plan and then fail to achieve it?  If this is often, let me ask you these very questions...

Have you ever reflect on the reasons why you didn’t achieve those goals? And are you still ready to continue in this struggling without success?  

Do you know that often time, people set goals with good intent. Unfortunately most of these goals are not actually achieved due to various mistakes.

There are a number of mistakes that people make when they set their goals. If you are the type that makes any of these mistakes, am sorry you may not achieve your aim.  

Here are some goal-setting mistakes that you need to avoid in ffor you to succeed

1) Don't make your goal to be too general: If you want to be successful in the next five years - this is a general goal. You need to design what to do in order to be successful.

Are you planning to be successful in your business, running your blog, your academic or career? What do you want to be successful at? You need to be specific. Don't just say, I wanna be successful and that's all.

You don't just set a goal to graduate from school...instead you must include the class of degree you want to graduate with and in what year.

If your goal is not specific and it is ambiguous in some way, how will you know when you have actually achieved your goal?  

 And how will you know if you’re heading in the right direction? You should be able to measure your goals and track your progress. If you can’t, then it’s probably too general.  

2) Your goal is unrealistic: Imagine if a five years old boy, set a goal of becoming a graduate in the next five possible is that? Is it even possible for him to had completed his secondary school by then?

It is very common to see people setting themselves goals that are far too stretching, either in competency and skill level, or in terms of time. 

For someone to have a goal of becoming a millionaire without having tangible work, would be extremely difficult.  

When your goal is set far beyond reachable, it tends to discourage you. Negative thoughts enter the mind and disbelief kicks in. 

Always try as much as possible to ensure  that your goal is achievable and realistic. Set small targets along the way so you can track your progress.  

On a few occasions, I've altered my blog title and description when I found out it was not actually in the way I planned.

The truth is that, if you feel you are falling behind your plan, reset your goal to something that is more realistic. There is no shame in reviewing and revising your goals.

3)You are not committed to your goal: This is a serious mistake most people make sometimes. They only set certain goals in life because they feel they have to.  For example, people set goals for achieving certain grades, in order to get a particular career. 

Some people even set their goals only in line with what their parents or society wanted them to. The goals are not aligned with what they really want to be.

You have to be committed to your goal because if you are not, you are going to experience a serious problem in future. 

You will lack the motivation and desire to actually achieve the goal.  Instead, think about what’s most important to you in your life as set them as a goal.

 4) You don’t always take action:The real thing is that, when you set a goal without taking action you won’t get anywhere.

To be successful in life, taking action is the most important part of any goal.  Even if you take action and you find you’re not getting anywhere, you will always achieve success.

Taking action will not only progresses you towards your goals, but it helps you learn from your mistakes.

 While setting a goal, try as much as possible to avoid the aforementioned mistakes and you will be successful.


  1. Taking action is absolutely the most important part of goal setting.

  2. Taking action is absolutely the most important part of goal setting.

  3. Some people are not always committed to their goals. Like I will say, they have starting dey no get finishing.

  4. Yayyyy! We need to be very specific when setting a goal and also take action in order to achieve the set goal

  5. This is so on point.. Setting goals is not enough what you do afterwards matters.

  6. I can't agree less and I love the shows in one way or the other, we are still on track

  7. I agree. Nice post!

  8. Love this blog. Also we need to break down the goal into manageable steps.

    1. I appreciate your love and thanks for your contribution.


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