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Reason Why You Don't Need To Go Into Any Relationship For Now

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I don't see anything wrong in accepting that you are available for a date or a serious relationship. At a point in our lives, we would like to be with someone, to spend those memorable moments with someone, moving on in life with him/her by our side, but not all of us are ready to be committed.

That's why, when you ask majority of people who are in search of a serious relationship why did they wanted it. Most of them will ended up giving you one of the following replies:

  • I really want someone to love me and make me feel special.
  • I just don't feel like been alone any longer.
  • I want to build my own family so I needed to get married.
  • I want to feel safe and secure. Some of them may not tell you, but they actually want someone to make them feel completed by taking care of them sexually, emotionally and financially.
Despite all the listed reasons why people go into a relationship, there are certain state of minds and conditions when people should not go into any relationship.With this post, I will discuss those situations.

These are some reasons why you don’t need to be in a relationship for now

1) Don't Go Into Relationship If You’re Too Busy To Spare Time For Anyone: The last time I made a post about the kind of people you must not marry, on the list, is the always busy type. Some people are naturally busy, they can't even spare five minutes of their time for anyone. So If you you are someone like that, make sure you will not exhibit this attitude in your relationship. 

If you can't change it, then don't go into any relationship yet. This is because when it comes to love and relationships, you just can’t always tell your partner you don’t have the time to talk or see them at all. Whatever is keeping you busy, saying that is more hurtful and your partner won't like it. 

Nobody is not engage with something in life, so we are all busy, it’s all about priorities. You just need to manage your time properly and before you go into a relationship.

2) You Are Not Mature At All: Most times, maturity is far different from what we think it is. It is not really all about age here, when it comes to relationship. Its about having a matured state of mind. If you are immature and want to go into a relationship, you will always bring up unnecessary problems. You can just be jealous for no reason, feel unsecured or feel threatened.

3) You Just Came Out Of A Relationship: This one is very common among people around. Am tired of seeing someone coming out of a relationship today and moving into another one the following day. The reality is that, if you just came out from a relationship, you need to give yourself some time. 

You might not know, but a lot of damage had been done and it takes months to properly heal yourself. You need to take a time out for yourself, be with family and friends for the healing period. Don’t jump into another moving relationship. 

It is possible that the trauma of the failed relationship is still hurting you, and this may actually make things go bad again. You are likely possible to affect your partner with the feelings of your past.

4) Marriage Is Not In Your Mind For Now: There was a time when I used to be scared of going into relationship. Not just because of anything, but because I was not  ready to be committed because I won't be married soon. I wanted to have my freedom and do my things my ways.  

Overtime, I got to know that relationship is a serious business, and the both partners must be fully involved. When you start going out with someone, there are a lot of things you need to make changes to about yourself, your movement, your lifestyles and everything changes. So if you are not ready to be committed to facilitate those changes, kindly stay single until you are ready.

I hope this helps?


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