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The Categories Of People You Must Not Marry

Types Of People you must not marry
Some times, parents after considering some certain attribute of who you are presenting for them as your future partner. All they will have to say is to discourage you that, things may not work out. Some parent will then leave the whole decision on your court to decide, Either you will heed to their advice or not.

In your attempt to look further, you still make another consultation to marriage councilor and they just told you that same statement you don't really want to hear. An individual who wanted to be in a relationship so badly will  downplay such kind of warning and tell everybody it will work out.
I was once in a relationship that everyone around me perceived as a child's play as nothing too serious will come out of it. Though, I found it so difficult to believe the reality. I just have the thought that I can make thinks work. But later, it didn't work out.

A lot of us do the same thing when it comes to choosing relationships. Whether we’re swept away by emotion or driven by our fear of failure, we often walk into a relationship or stay in a relationship in which all the facts clearly tell us that things may not work.

I’ve seen so many relationships in which people were dating the wrong person and hope it result to marriage soon. Despite all warning signs and signal indicating failure for such a relationship, they still failed to listen.

Due to the feelings of love in your earth, you might not foreseen it. But am gonna tell you how to tell you the bad signs which when you notice it in your partner, you must nor marry him/her. Though, nobody is perfect, and we are not expected to marry a perfect person, but if your partner fall in any of these categories, please find someone else.

Categories of people we should not plan to marry
1) The Deceiver/liars: The major problems some families are facing today is deceit. Some partners are just good in that and will never consider to change. If you mistakenly fall in love with a liar, and you think you can change him/her for good. Am so sorry, it won't work out.

So presently if he lies about every small and big things things; and due to love you assume you can cope with such person in the future. I doubt it. Believe me, few time after marriage, the marriage will start falling apart as the walls of trust will completely crumble.

If you don’t have honesty in a relationship, you don’t have trust. And if you don’t have trust, just assume you have no relationship at all. So no matter what, don't plan to marry a liar.

2) The Unavailable: Smiling! You no why am smiling, a lady has ever refused to date me, just because she felt am always unavailable and just believe I won't be a compatible partner for her. No matter how hard I tried, she never consider it. I felt she was right.  

The emotionally unavailable person is someone who is not involved, connected or engaged in the relationship. Usually, this person is distracted by other things. Maybe something or someone else is taking his/her attention away from the relationship.

Your partner could be the workaholic type or the cheaters, but the idea is they all have this one thing in common: they’re not fully available and you can't predict their availability. You can't get them to talk to them when you really need them.

3) Those who abuse you:  I keep wondering what the hell is wrong with some ladies who still find comfort in planning to get married to someone who has never stop to abuse them. Do you know that, abuse can come in different tones, forms and voices. 

It could be emotional manipulation or coercion of sexual abuse. Whatever it is, an abusive relationship is a relationship in which one person uses his/ her power or position to control and harm the other partner.

But healthy relationships are never a one-sided thing. They’re not about power, manipulation or control, but rather, they’re about two people loving, giving, serving and sacrificing for one another.
Abuse in any form has no place under the umbrella of  a loving marriage. So if he abuses you, don't deceive yourself by thinking you can change him.

4) The addicted person: A true addiction is not something you can simply decide to walk away from, because its roots always run deep. It grips your life and slowly seeps into every part of who you are.

A person who is deep in addiction is not fit to be in a dating relationship, much less consider marriage, until they have at least started down the path toward recovery.

When I said addiction, don't think am only talking of drug abuse. It could be food, sex, drugs, alcohol, and any other thing someone can be addicted to.

Healing from an addiction requires a lot of time.  If you found yourself dating an addicted person, You will find it to cope with them, because they will always find as a disturbance to their lives. So keep away.


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  2. nice post dearie...the fact is that people are different, most times after reading all the signs, they still go ahead with the relationship

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  3. The list incomplete nau Uthman, I made a similar post on my blog last month. Good job though. Keep it up!

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  6. Nice tips for the singles only if they will yield to these tips

  7. You might be right about the Unavailable but what if he was busy preparing for their future?

    I think the lady should rather find out why is he unavailable before she think the man is not for her.

    1. Yea...been busy should not be an excuse to attend to someone you love.

  8. You're right about that. I succumb


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