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Things You Must Stop Doing Before You Go Into Another Relationship

<Things you must Stop before going into another relationship>
In one of my recent posts, I talked about some tangible reasons why you don't have to go into relationship for now. One of those out listed factors was 'if you just go out of one relationship'. In reality, after a long term relationship, you can have a break up due to one reason or the other. 

Therefore finding another love again can be an exciting and a dream comes true. But, there is always a possibility that you’re not ready to take up another affairs. There could be some habits in you, which actually led to the termination of your first date.

Repeating such old habits in any relationship may not be fruitful as well. Therefore, With this post, I will tell you some things you have to stop before going into another relationship. HERE ARE THEY:

1) Telling Lies: I never say your last relationship crumbled due to lies. But you have to take care of that aspect as a very important thing. Its very wrong to have the impression that you can please your partner with lies. Telling of lies, secretiveness and evasiveness demonstrate you don’t respect your partner. 

Some omissions may seem harmless to you, but can erode trust. No one wants to be kept in the dark about their relationship. Just be determined, that no matter how difficult, you will always say the truth.

2) Always Want To Dictate To Your Partner: So many relationships had gone bad beyond repairs because of this problem. Some Partners will not only want to dominate the other but also want to dictate. They always want to be in charge, to give instructions that you must follow without respecting your own opinions. 

I was once in such kind of relationship, and it was more of hell. We broke up within one month. She always want to be the winners of any form of argument. Moreover, arguments between partners do not always have a clear winner, and not every topic requires a debate. 

Sometimes, it’s okay to let it go. A certain topic may ignite you and you may overreact. But, it is often more beneficial to drop the subject – rather than offending your partner by trying to make them agree.

3) Don't know how to apologise: 'I'm sorry'  is a special tool that when properly used can solve and avoid any form of unnecessary dispute in life. When you mistakenly hurt your partner, kindly have the intention of rendering apology.

Acknowledging when you've hurt someone else is very important. You saying ”I’m sorry” may seem weak to you, but it’s a powerful act that expresses empathy. You can't ignore the power of  humility in the context of a successful relationship.

4) Gossiping In Your Relationship: Before you go into another relationship after a break up, kindly do away with all forms of gossip. You may not know that, talking bad about your partner does not create trust, love, or a lasting connection. 

Gossiping about your partner will only come back to hunt you. They could find out what you have said and decide to end the relationship. Some people are so porous that they hardly keep any secret.

They are just good in telling people everything that transpire between them and their partners. Before you go into another relationship, you have to refrain from sharing intimate details in order to give your love a chance.

5. No boundaries Attitude: Yeah...Its cool to be very close to your partner, and its a wonderful thing to be caring but don't abuse it. Just because you are in a relationship, doesn't mean that you have the right to violate your lover physically or emotionally. 

It’s important to discuss comfortable boundaries for each of you. Each party should have a voice that is honoured in the relationship. Learn to compromise and stop trying to have it your way all the time.

6. Mistaking Relationship For Competition: Apart from the fact that some people are mistaking their affairs for a game, they also took it to be a competition they must win by all means. If you are this type, you need to stop it before going into another date. 

Your partner is not your competitor, or enemy. Drop the rivalry, and ask yourself why you feel the need to compete. Try to identify why you are feeling aggressive, so you can’t let it go. An ideal relationship is one where there is a true partnership.

I Hope This Helps?

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  1. Five and six is where most of us get it wrong...
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  2. Very good relationship tips

  3. All the points you wrote down are so true, very true in fact. Without them you'd be marking time on a spot in your love life.

    Eid mubarak to all Muslims around the globe.

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  6. Very true points... Lemme add that "you must learn to appreciate your own always because you will always see people who seem to be better than them".

    Keep up the good work here bro.
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