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What Should I Do When I'm Falling Out Of Love Due To Boredom

How to cope when you are falling out of love and bored
When we meet our heart desire, within a short period of time, we become so comfortable because of our romantic relationships. Let me say, within a specific period of time it’s all excitement but after few years you will have to work hard to keep the relationship alive.

The relationship gets a bit more frustrating day-by-day. No matter what you do,you just find out the love is no longer there. You just don't feel more comfortable about anything in the relationship any longer. When you are faced with this feelings, you are definitely falling out of love.

It also happens in marriage, many couples find themselves fighting with their partners all nights without any reason. No matter how hard people try to preach peace into their marriage, it won't just work and the partners would just feel like they could run out of the relationship and find a better romance elsewhere.

When this continue in a dating relationship, it is more easy for any of the partner to just walk out because he/she has falling out of love due to boredom. Nothing anyone can do to bring them back, except they talk to themselves and decided to work on it.

If you have been having this kind of ill feeling about your relationship, consider the following to bring back your relationship alive.

1) Think And Reflect On What You Love In Him/Her At a Start:  Remember, there was a point at the beginning of your relationship when you enjoyed everything about the romance. You just can’t get enough of everything. Something at that moment makes you treat your partner like a special gift to yourself. It could be the beauty, attention, kindness, effort and thoughtfulness from each other. 

Due to wrong beliefs by many couples that after wedding there is no more effort is required to keep the love. It is very possible those things are no longer there, it could either be that both of you have changed or one of you.

Then look for qualities in your spouse that you are still attracted to. It's now a must for you to re-enact the first time experience by reflecting about what you so much love in you partner then that made you fall in love at the first instance.

2) Tell Him/Her Your Feelings: This may be difficult to do, but it is very necessary to rescue your relationship. You have to let him or her know what you are feeling and thinking. It may be painful for your spouse to know that the flame is dying but it is more better that you let them know.

It is very certain that your partner will render a support to rescue the relationship. Most especially when both of you are mature and have proper consideration for each other. He/she may find out his role in putting you in such a state of mind.

It might be that he has not been giving the proper attention you deserved anymore. Or he has stopped bringing up some surprised packages like in the early days of your relationship.

If your partner is aware of your present feelings, he/she might bring back the old days experience by introducing it back again. Over time, doing this will prevent your relationship from been boring, not to talk of falling out of love.

3) Bring Up Surprises And Your Partner Will Reciprocate: Surprises are very important in a relationship, You need to keep bringing up several forms of surprises to spice up your affairs. Unfortunately you've gotten married, and both of you no longer arbitrarily decide to take yourselves out for a weekend or buy yourselves a gift like before.

Although it might sounds like is unnecessary any longer, but bringing more surprises can initiate those passionate feelings that you felt in the earlier stage of your relationship. Instead of becoming bored in your relationship, plan the surprises that were more spontaneous before and you will re-experience that love rush. You might even develop your ability to be spontaneously romantic again.

4) Communicate Often: Communication is very important in a relationship. But unfortunately, some partners starve their relationship with adequate communication and it ended up turning to a bored lifestyle to live in. Learn how to discuss you differences. 

You don't need to accuse or threat your partner when you have misunderstanding. Doing all these can drive the strongest relationship apart. You need to set a time for discussions. Initiate a topic of discussion, and talk things over.
Though there are many more ways you can re-light the spark in your relationship. But these point worked for me in my relationship and I hope they will work out for you too. If this work out, no doubt that you guys will grow old together and still feel that feeling of love without falling out.


  1. These relationship tips are really useful if put into practice. Thanks for sharing Uthman

  2. this tips are real,i do apply some in my marital life


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