Sunday, 27 September 2015

You Always Have A Choice

<feeling depressed>
Hmmm its 4am and the usual offensive sound of his alarm clock has started making noise to wake him up. He felt so groggy, dozy and feeling so reluctant to stand up from bed.

Not just because he never had enough sleep, but also he was so tired and frustrated with the nature of his job.

The job demands almost half of all his daily hours, his boss is so heartless and yet, he is not earning enough from it to earn a living.

So as the alarm continue to ring, he kept rolling on the bed. Finally he was up and set for the job again, all in the name of "I have no choice".

This situation I just described above happened to most of one time or the other.

Any time I see people undergoing an unfavourable circumstances in life who felt they are only enduring it because they, don't have any other option. I feel so terrible and I feel so bad for them. 

Such kind of people will not only give up, but also give excuses like... I'm not supposed to be doing this job, I'm not supposed to be living in this house by now but “I have no other option.”  and “I have no choice.”

And that makes them remain in such fruitless jobs because they are in need of constant income to earn a living. They committed so much time and resources on it, yet they are not happy doing it.
No Choice At All

I Know you may not have choice in some circumstances or situations.

I know you may not be able to control everything around you. There are, of course, things about which you have no choice.

The length of the day, the weather, the color of your skin. Maybe you grew up in a poor family and didn’t get many opportunities.

Maybe you didn’t get a good education. Maybe your parents had problems and your childhood suffered as a result.

I know they are all not your fault.

We all need to accept that, there are things we have no control over, but weighing yourself down with some sort of negative thinking is not the best. It is offensive and dangerous to been successful in life.

...but you have Choices

Do you know that despite all these, the numbers of things we don't have control over are so few in number? They are not really much compared to what you can change about your life.

You don't have to look down on yourself or berate yourself because of where you were born, whether or not you have good opportunities or education.

But you should take responsibility for most other things in your life. There are evidences that individuals who believe in themselves are more successful than those who see everything as no option.

 Failed People...

It seems to me that people who fail in life are often the one who don’t take responsibility – there’s always something or someone to blame as far as they are concerned.

For them, the list of things over which they have control is very limited. But successful people are not like this.

 Successful people...

 To them every moment is a new choice. The present is always fresh. There is always a new choice to make, and you are always creating your life again.

They regard success or failure as a matter of choice and personal responsibility. They don’t let mistakes or unpleasant situation hold them back, they will usually regard them as learning experiences and opportunities for growth.

Everything they do is a choice that they make, from the simplest actions right down to the life changing ones.
 Usual difficulties in life...

You may want to take Ownership of Your actions but seems difficult. most times it is so difficult because, you may not recognize that you do have a choice because the circumstances are daunting.

They overpower you to a state where life looks like it is just a series of constraints and you don’t see yourself having any power or choice over what you are faced with.

It could be your parents giving you a hard time about what you should do as a career.

Maybe you are in a job you don't like anymore.

It could be that your landlord is frustrating your life...

Maybe you just gots sacked from work and you felt no other option.

Whatever the situation is, you can either react in a positive way or negatively.

 My personal decision about my life...

No matter what happened to me, I accepted responsibility for everything, whether it is within my control or not, I do take charge to be the architect of my life.

I always rise beyond my limitations to create what I wanted. That's why its very easy for me to write, even when things are tight.

As my mum do tell me, "if you keep thinking you have no choice over your situation, that’s exactly how it’s will remain. You will always stay as the person who is powerless over his life circumstances".

The powerlessness comes from the refusal to accept and take responsibility for what you are doing. Nothing’s going to change unless you take ownership for what’s going on in your life.

Whenever you recognize that your life is all you have, and everything you do is a choice you made, that’s when a shift occurs in how you behave in your life.

Rather than blame external environment for what you are facing, you take action and become proactive in getting what you want.

Rather than feeling victimized by your situation, you will gain power over it, one by one.

Things will start changing themselves into what you want them to be, because you are actively on top of the situation.

I hope this helps?


  1. Yeah the post really helped. Thanks for sharing

  2. Good morning uthman. wow! this is very educative. thanks for sharing.

    how are you doing????

  3. You just nailed it. People who fail in life are those who refuse to take responsibility


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