Tuesday, 22 September 2015

You don't Have to Be Desperate In Life

Desperation in life
My story today is a lesson for all youths who want to learn. It will also serve as a kind of advice and warning. Though, heeding or shunning such a wonderful warning is however a matter of choice by an individual. And the consequences or otherwise of such a choice will eventually become what that person has caused him/herself. 

Our World has changed. We now live in a world, that is quite different from what we used to have in the past. Those days when people were satisfied and contented with the little they earn and live within it.

Gist From My Journey
Just last month, on my way back to the State of my primary assignment. On getting to the park in Lagos, I met Muhammed, a quiet, easy going young man. 

An old friend whom we've have not seen or heard from each other since 2009, when we completed our diploma program in Zamfara State. He used to be a very good and passionate friend back then, but we've lost contact and for six years we just met again.

After embracing and exchanging pleasantries, we decided to sit together in the bus in order to have a chat on the good old days in Zamfara and the expected future. And from Lagos to Osogbo where he finally dropped, we really discussed to our satisfaction.

Our Topic Of Discussion
A journey of four hours or thereabout, when he dropped, it was as if we had not spent one hour. As we are both ambitious and youths with dreams, we discussed varieties of issues ranging from brief discussion about marriage and bearing of children by some of our friends. We spent so much times discussing our  political trend in Nigeria.

We made several comparisons between Nigeria and other OPEC countries. The terrible situation of things on ground made us conclude that, our leaders neither had focus nor plan. And this has forced so many Nigerians to run abroad to live like orphans.  

We also gist  football, before we moved into religious matter. Both of us were once accounting students, we analyzed the financial market in relation to the Nigeria economy. Talked about internet business; the legal and the illegal. 

In short we had a very long conversation touching virtually all issues affecting the corporate lives, individuals, Countries and other pressing issues in this life. Though, we agreed on some and disagreed on some. Honestly, we were both satisfied to had delivered our minds.

He then informed me of one of our course mate who was allegedly caught abroad for drug trafficking and serving a life imprisonment till date...A very young cool man has ended up himself in prison. Just because of money and his inability to control desperation.

Our Youths And Desperate Ambition

In reality, most young men and women of nowadays do not believe in crawling before walking. To them, what matters most in their lives is how to quickly get money to spend and not how such money is made. And that is the main cause of the high rate of crimes witnessed around the world today and the entailed short life span for those youths.

Desperation has now taken over everybody's heart. You hardly wake up and sleep back in a day without reading or hearing of bank robbery, internet fraud, drug trafficking, embezzlement, and other financial desperation. 

Being desperate to accumulate wealth is forbidden. This is because it only focused on the end result rather than the means and its legality. But presently, nobody cares about morality or been legal any longer, that has thrown Nigeria into the valley of corruption today.

Warning About Been Desperate
To those who see money and accumulation of properties as the highest of blessing from Almighty God are indeed in error. And those who want to earn it by all means should have a rethink. Because desperation can only lead to frustration, and nothing good usually comes out of it. 


  1. The desperate nature of youths nowadays is alarming. Sometimes I hear stories and am like are you for real?
    Lot if them get into problems due to desperation but other youth won't learn from it.


  2. Desperation is now the order of the day. May God help us

  3. Hmmmmm it's crazy menh. May God help us



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