Sunday, 18 October 2015

Best Ways To Make Changes To Ones Life Immediately

How often do you tried to change a particular aspect of your life and failed? What certain area of your life you are really desperate to make changes to? Have you ever considered making changes to it and you failed? How many times do you attempted it without any record of success? Do you know that changing oneself is so difficult to changing others?

This can come in various means, it could be that you wanted to increase your self-discipline, stop doing a particular thing, you want to change your unpleasant attitude towards someone else or you just want to reduce your addiction to the intranet and drug.

While trying to achieve your dream, in
most cases, it becomes necessary to make a reasonable changes to ones personal life. For instance, if you are the type that sleep so much, now that you wanted to be an active blogger, you need to make changes to your sleeping habit. 

In several cases, I've observed that making behavioral changes to oneself can be extremely difficult and very frustrating. Most especially when you found out that you cannot even control yourself. 

You will observed that, you've tried all your best to change your drinking habit but nothing changes. Where are you getting it wrong? 

Ok let me tell you...The secret to make a positive changes to oneself is to change your mentality which in turn will change your perception about life.  

With this post, I will tell you some few steps
that will assist you in making a reasonable positive changes to your life and see the result immediately.

1) Know yourself and accept who you are: For you to make a u-turn from where you are to another point in life, you have to acknowledge your present situation. You need to accept you have a particular problem. Familiarize yourself with your problem, then think on how to change it. 

For instance, you need to accept you are a drug addict, before you can work towards changing your addiction. So many people are addicted to drug usage, but are unaware. Before any reasonable changes can be made to any problem, accept you have the problem.

2) Find out the negative effects of that problem in your life: You need to assess your current situation in respect to the problem. Now that you've accepted you have a problem, what hindrance is it causing you? Knowing this will make you determine to change it.

What bad or good consequences have you experienced because of this problem? Ask yourself the embsrazment, drinking has caused you so far...Haven answered this, what do you think about the problem?
How do you see yourself? Are you now willing to change it to avoid possible reoccurrence? All these will influence your decision.

3) You have to be patience and compassionate with yourself: The most difficult thing to do is self discipline. In so many circumstances, you will promise not to engage in a particular activity, but yet still find yourself deep into it.  

This happens to everyone, you cannot make  changes to your attitude overnight so you have to be kind to yourself and patient in the process. Be grateful for what you accomplish and love yourself so you know the change is worth it.  

4) Make promise to yourself and keep to it: You need to make a contract with yourself and try as much as possible not to break it.  

Tell yourself I won't do this again and try to keep to it. Make it a point of duty to always respect your promises to yourself. If you are good in doing this, it would become easier to make changes to your negative attitude. 

5) Check yourself overtime: There must always be a time for review of you work done. So it is necessary to make time to assess your progress and praise yourself for the changes you make along the way to achieving your final goals. 

Though you are not expecting 100% progress level at a start. But you must have a time for the reviewer of the progress you've made so far. Make sure your change process is measurable and tangible so that you can achieve smaller, daily goals.  
 I hope this helps?


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