Saturday, 31 October 2015

Blogging: Most Stressful Work You Must Enjoy Doing For You To Be Successful

With my personal experience on the internet
, blogging is the most stressful activities of all. At a start of my blogging career, I felt it could be fun trying to write and post to inspire others, to motivate and encourage people to actions. I never belief trying to feed people with the latest news update, and entertain readers could be life consuming like this. As against the wrong assumption of some people that, blogging relieve stress.

I later got to know that, blogging has two mist feelings, to the readers, its fun while to the blogger is a whole lots of stress.

What blog means to the readers

Blog to a reader is an online library where all useful and updated resources are found.
For a reader, nothing would be more fun than checking up a tech blog and discover all the relevant materials you needed to carry out a task without stress.

Or getting into an health related blog and find all you need to know about a sickness. It is more fun to click into an entertainment blog and get all the gists at your finger tips.  That is the joy of a blog reader.

 What blog means to a blogger

To a blogger, blogging is far from been a fun. It is a whole lots of stressful activities someone is dipping his/her head into for a career. Bloggers indulge in so many online activities that they hardly get time to do any personal thing or to take their rest when necessary.

For them to meet your demand as a reader, bloggers need to be hooked with internet and cannot be proud of any time with which to relax.  If you don't see a blogger online, its either he/she is writing the next blog post, doing some SEO, doing blog design and adjustment or reading blog tips to serve you better.

It is not new to us, that hardworking Bloggers usually forfeit other important things in their lives to maintain their blogs. We leave our social activities all in the name of this profesion.

When you talk about football I'm a "Man U" fan, but it got to a level that I had to stop going to the viewing centers to watch match. I discovered that, even when am out there to watch, my mind and my fingers on always on my phone working on my blog. So I decided to always stay back most times.

 The Stress and pains of a blogger

Sincerely, blogging can be time consuming. It's  takes a lot of time. As a new blogger (Newbe), you may have to struggle at first to keep a blog that will survive the first year.

But am so sure, if you survive a year and you continue with your efforts without been lazy, you will develop a growing blog archive that will give you joy.

At a start, you may find it difficult to survive because you are likely not to receive a lot of interest on the internet. Despite all your sleepless nights and efforts, nobody even bothered to read you.

Whatever niche you want to go into, thousands of successful blogs are already there. So you are faced with a lot of blogs to compete with. But don't let that put you off. 

There is no doubt that, at a start, most of your posts may go unread, and even if people read them, they won't make any comment and you won't even earn any money. You will continue to spend to finance your blog. Please be patient.

It is a known fact, that the more you blog, the more you will become successful once your contents are useful.

When a blogger finally becomes successful and popular. You would be faced with the greatest challeges. All eyes on you. You need to remain awake all time to maintain your blog brand as well as your name.

That's why as a successful blogger, you might no be opportune to participate in other social life like others.

Honestly, if blogging is not your passion, you might end up living your entire life for others without earning a dine.


  1. Some people thinking, blogging is such all about fun. Although it can be sometimes, but not all the times EVEN when using passion

  2. True Talk wouldn't have said it better. Blogging is a stressful fun.

    Thanks for the guest post. I really appreciate it.
    Happy new month

  3. Tunde not really takes passion for us to move on.

    Bola you are welcome and happy new month. Once again happy tripple celebration.

  4. Well said Uthman. Blogging is time-consuming. It's not as easy as some people think

  5. There's this joy and fulfillment that comes when you send out a post and the comments roll in.
    Blogging aint easy but it's worth it

  6. Hmmmm you said it all.. This is one of the best post i have read today.. Well done.. Btw where are you?


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