Thursday, 29 October 2015

Easy Way To Know If You Have Parasites In Your mind

How to know you have a negative thought about yourself
In life, often time, we have the feeling of been depressed and feel like giving up on everything. We would feel like not trying again, or quit the struggles that we've almost achieve. This is as a result of negative thought. 
It is normal and it is meant to happen to anybody. When this continues and turns uncontrolable to us. It can affect the posibility of our success and wellbeing and its known as mind parasite. 

What are mind parasites?
This is what happens to people at any point in time. When we discover that,  we can't just achieve your aim, not really because we are not determined, but because our minds continue to play us. It just keep deceiving and distracting us from doing the right thing.
    Most times our own worst enemies when it comes to being successful could be our minds. To the extent that, sometimes our own brains do deceive us into thinking that we should abandon a particular dream and pursue something else which is unproductive.

      How to know you have a mind parasite?

      Mind parasites unlike any other heart broblems, it might not be diagonise till it destroys us. It only make us foresake and give up on our passion and desire to survive in life.

      Do you ever had an ambition in life and you never knew how you gave up on it? You only quit not because you've tried several times without result, but because your mind gave you reasons not to try further or not to ever try to attempt it.

      Mind parasites have it's way of presenting issues to you as unimportant. It encourages and provides you an avenue to procrastination.

      It is a disease that is affecting many people  but unfortunately it escapes diagnosis.
      Mind parasites don’t kill people, they only consume our passion and vision. They make us feel unmotivated and uninspired about our dreams to be achieved.
      Almost everyone in this life is a faced with this challenge, but the effects on it on individual's life depends on how we allowed them to dictate for you..

      Its symptoms...

      We actually don't need a doctor to test us for mind parasites, it is easy to tell if you are affected by it. In case you do any or all of what we have described below, believe me, you might have it.

      You might be the type that lack motivation and encouragement to pursue your passion and you can't do anything about it.
      There is high likelyhood that, mind parasites has already have a hold on you.

      To a very large extent, you might become forgetful overtime. You forget things easily, and you have lost mental clarity on many things. Believe me, it is likely that mind parasites are having their ways in your life.
      Mind parasites is a disease that it's symptom slowly dumb you down. They have the power to turn you passive, pessimistic and inactive in the society. Therefore, present  you as someone without inspiration.

      By the time these parasites has succeeded in establishing themselves in your mind, you become so satisfied and shy unneccessary.

      As we get more advance in life with experience and age, we must have a well defined and meaningful life.
      But unfortunately, if you are affected with mind parasites, you might not experience the same. Instead, it always result to depression and lost of hope and self esteem.
      Since you did not go to the hospital to be diagonised for this problem, you are not also expected to see them for the treatment. Therefore, there are lot of things you can do to reclaim your thoughts and bring back your normal life.

      And I will talk about it in my next post.

      I hope this helps?


      1. U always make good points...nice one.

      2. Hello, this is a very motivating post. Surely this is what most people suffer from. I am not an exception. At the slightest excuse I have abandoned many of my cherished dreams, many things I wanted to do but gave up because I lacked the motivation to continue and persist. As a result of these parasites I have wasted a major portion of my time procrastinating and doing nothing.

        This is a wonderful post and extremely useful for all who want to achieve something worthwhile in their life.

      3. I see that my friend, Joseph, beat me here. I think this is an excellent post, and I am forced to say that it applies to me.

      4. *thinking mode* do I have a mind parasite?

      5. This is what I picked from this post: Mind Parasite is a disease that is affecting many people but unfortunately it escapes diagnosis.
        Nice one!


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