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How To Change A Bad Habit You Are Giving Up On

How can I change a bad habit?
Do you ever wondered why it is so difficult to change and break a particular habit of yours? There are so many countless morning when you wake and take a decision of breaking that bad habit you so much dislike about yourself.

At the end of the day, you still find yourself indulging in the same act. Have you ever wondered what makes quitting a bad habit so tough?

As a responsible human being, we always try to reduce our role in keeping a bad habits and attitude. While trying out this, it takes commitment and dedication to notice any significant changes.

At one point or the other in one's life. Changing an attitude or an habit  about oneself has to do with whether, you  decide to quit something bad in your life or include something new into it.

There are several reasons that make breaking a habit so very difficult for most of us. Let me tell you just two reasons out of it.

Been stubborn naturally:
Most times, it is not really because those habits are unchangeable, but because we are just stubborn naturally. Honestly, if we would not be too difficult about it, changing would not have been so hard.

The problem is, often time we are just stubborn and no matter how dangerous our habits are, we don't just care to change.

We don't seem to care about the consequences of our actions and nothing can be done to provoke us to want a change.

Been addicted to bad habits:

Addiction is what makes you know an attitude is bad and yet you can't do away with it. Naturally, some people are just been addicted to their bad habits. To an extent, that very habit is a daily routine for them.

You want to quit smoking, but you are addicted already. That made it very hard and difficult to break. In most cases, people with such conditions are always treated with professional aid or counselling.

 How To Change Your Bad Habits And Live A Loving Life

What I will tell you here is that, for you to break any habit, you have to be committed and disciplined. So do the following to break any habit.

1) You must be committed to Change: With commitment and consistency, everything is achievable. Therefore, you must first be committed to breaking the habit. It might require you to make a list of all the benefits of letting go of that habit and why it is so important for you to desist from continuing with it.

Some of the benefits could be either to be more responsible in life, because of your health or keeping your family in a better condition. You just needed to know the importance attached to giving up that habit you are so used to.

2) You need to be honest with yourself: In most cases, I will find out I'm not honest with myself about the change I claimed to want in my habits. Its just more or less like am deceiving myself.

In a situation when am supposed to be proactive and do the right, instead, I will do it wrongly and regret later. As a man, you've decided not to womanize again, but you always pretend not to remember each time you just meet a new beautiful woman to exchange contact with.

You being honest with yourself will make it much more easy to break any habit. Inform people around you about your intention to change certain habits about yourself. They will act as a reminder, enforcer and will also help you to remain motivated.

I believed with these people monitoring you, couple with a few sets of eyes on you, you will want to work hard to prove you can make a change to that bad attitude. 

3) You have to be patient with yourself: Sincerely, changing an attitude is not easy. You need to be patient with yourself. You know you have spent so many years developing those habits and so it will take you some time to get rid of them.

You didn’t develop them overnight so do not expect that you are going to break a habit overnight. It will take some time to develop the discipline to get things under control. Even presently am still working on myself trying to change an habit I considered worthy of been change. But not really easy.

4) You have to be self discipline: In order to break any bad habit, you must develop self discipline. You must be disciplined enough to maintain "no and yes" at an appropriate circumstance.

You are going to be tested, and only someone who is disciplined will have what it takes to see it through.  Avoid certain social settings. You have to stay away from people who engage in the habits you are trying to break.

Doing this will not be easy, but you can make it. Do not quit. You must never quit. You are going to fail, and everyone does, but you should never quit trying. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to start over keep going until you get it right.

5) Don't be tempted: For you to be able to do away with that very habit, you don't have to be. Look over those habits and never see it as been right when you see people doing it.

For you to break your bad habits, you must stay away from the temptation. If you decide to break the habit of stealing, you will have to stay away from people's things. And don't make friends with people who steal.

From experience, breaking an habit is not always easy. It requires you to be committed and willing to make that change happen in your life. 

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  1. " Don't be tempted: For you to be able to do away with that very habit, you don't have to be tempted. Look over those things habits and never be tempted when you see people doing true.

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