Thursday, 8 October 2015

How To Cope In A Difficult Working Environment

The unemployment rate and the difficulties in getting a job in our economy is such an high index. Its now with a greater percentage, that most youths have given up on getting an office job.

If youths who are just coming out of the universities find it so hard in securing a job, this means an older person will find it harder. 

Which means that, as someone who is so lucky to secure one, you probably need to do everything possible to keep your job, even if the work environment is so tough and difficult. 

In various organizations, their employees have to deal with a difficult work environment at one point or another. Though as a human being, some individuals seem to be able to cope with the situation better than others.  

Immediately after my diploma program, I secured an hotel job. Where I served as an account clerk. The job which required so few of my time, not really stressful, pressure free, though the payment was not that lucrative. But I was already used to the working environment and conditions. 

After some months, I got an appointment with a bigger construction company, own by Italians. I was still meant to serve as an account clerk, but it came with a great task and responsibilities.

The demand was high, working hours was so long, pressure here and there though the payment was so attractive but, the working environment and condition was miserable.
In my first week of resumption, I felt like giving up and go back to my formal place of work.

Along the way, one of my senior colleagues gave me the hints on how he has been coping with them for some years. I believe it is never easy to work well, when your working environment is as so tough as a war front, but if you apply these tips, you will find it easy.

1) Stop been emotional on any criticism: One of those things that makes you become frustrated about your job is, unnecessary criticism. It could be from your boss or your colleagues. You are likely to be criticized for so many reasons.

May be the way you do your things, or your inability to cope with their lay down rules or pressure. So whenever they attack you, don't be emotional about it. 

Their main purpose of attacking you is because they want to force you into reacting emotionally. Instead of you to be emotional, try to acknowledge a reasonable point of note in their comment and move on to do the right thing. 

Develop the habit of saying “I’m sorry sir,” I don't think there is anything more they want from you.

2. Seek for advice from your attackers immediately: I remember most times when the accountant attacked me. No matter how annoyed he looks, after saying am sorry, I will try as much as possible to ask him what he actually wanted me to do, or how he wanted me to do it politely. 

Try as much as possible to speak calm and look innocent to make it seem as though you really want to know what your boss want. Say something like...''Sir! Should I do it this way? He is definitely going to tell you, and that will save you from unnecessary insult next time.

3) Be proactive: You don't need to wait until you are insulted before you do the right thing. For you to stop having problem with your boss on a timely basis, kindly take a proactive approach and affirm how the boss wants things done. 

Make your style amenable and be ready to change when the need arises. Remember, you are not the employer, he is. So you must be ready to change just to cope in a difficult working environment. 

It will do you more favour, if you can get an outline of what the boss wants in writing so that you can make reference to it in your future dealings with him. 

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4) Show them you value your job: You have to be very hardworking and committed to the job. This will go a long way in telling your boss that you value your work.  

So you need to go out of your comfort zone to do more than the minimum requirement of the job. Perform your work diligently and religiously.

5) Develop a Plan B (Another plan): Reach out to people and various organizations to seek for another opportunity. 

Develop your own personal business and manage it. Don't just put all your eggs in one basket as this will give you a rest of mind even when your employer do their worse.

 I hope this helps?


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