Sunday, 25 October 2015

How To have an impact in others lives

We wake up as early as possible on a daily basis, set out to pursue our passion in order to be successful in life. We take advantages of any opportunity to improve on ourselves in order to become better.

We go to school, we choose a particular course, we follow a career and others. Just for us to enhance our lives with a better opportunity.

We don't consider helping others

But unfortunately, we spend all our time going through the process of personal development without considering helping others.

We've forgotten that, instead of building success on our personal achievement, we can also help someone else to grow and be successful – which will feed our own success. 

Success is not measured by how much money is in your bank account, but the numbers of people you've helped who cannot pay you back.

Our success in life is really powered not by what we can do ourself to be great, but by our ability to help others become successful.  It is a must we change our perception about success. 

 Its our duty to help others

Let change our focus. Instead of it being all about us and what we want to accomplish in a short and long term plan...let include helping others. 

When I was in the school, I observed that those who perform better in Accounting and mathematics courses are those who had the spirit of teaching others. The little they know, they try as much as possible to teach others. 

With continous repetition while teaching various coursemates the same courses, they become perfect and even the best student in the class cannot contest with them.

 Get Ready to help others

This is another new week, who will you be able to help with a task, who will you try to encourage, who will you give your listening ear to? who do you want to support, guide and advise. 

Do you ever tried to create opportunity for others before? Then, who will you try to create an opportunity for to be successful? Great people don't overlook helping others, they don't see success in their lives until they changed things from how they were to a better position. 

We just met online, at work, in school, in the train, at the airport or on the streets. How will my life be enhanced because of you? Think and just think about it, what I will remember you for in life, long time after we might have stopped seeing?

In this world, what do you think would be different because of you?  

Whenever we are thinking about success and fulfillment in life, we must think about it in a diverse perspectives. You will never be regarded as a successful person because of how successful you are in your career alone, you would be evaluated based on people and the communities you've helped to survive. 

Sit down and ask yourself the following questions:

....ask yourself what can you do for your family to upgrade them and make life easier and better? 

A productive relationship is not about you been happy alone...challenge yourself with what you can do to make your partner feel real love and appreciated. 

Good work is not by earning salary alone, you must have an impact in that office. So decide on what can you do to improve the working condition of your co-workers and aid productivity as well for your employer.

What should always occupy our mind is how do we help others...How will you show people around you your kindness, compassion and generocity? How can you help their lives and have a positive impact?


  1. Give it will come back to you

  2. I love helping people but sometimes they take you for granted. I find joy helping people and I am not regretting it.

  3. It's good to give because givers never lack. I find it joyful lending a helping hand to others in need

  4. We shouldn't live our lives to earn a living, we should live our lives to make an impart.

  5. I support bolatito and thats why one has to be cautious in dealing with people. Whilst i love to help and trust people, i dislike being take for granted


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