Thursday, 22 October 2015

How To live Your Best Life Without Depending On People

<how To be independent in life and decision making>

Are your scared to take decision yourself? Do you completely depend on others to achieve your dream? How free are you to follow your mind and go get what you dream without seeking permission from others? Or are you getting yourself restricted due to the fact that, you can't decide alone?

In life, everyone is free to go in any direction he/she deem fit to achieve success. But unfortunately, even with this natural free will, so many of us still found ourselves in situations where people decided for us.

Despite our freedom to live our best Life by making our own decisions, yet many of us fall under the weight of other people’s expectations and as a result live a life we don’t enjoy.

Living up to other people's expectation

The way we dressed, the food we eat, the nature of what we drink and other of our daily life activities majorly depends on people's expectations on us. To some extent, how we behave in relations to various issues depends on what pepple perceived about us.

Sometimes, we condemn certain act not because we perceived them to be wrong, but because people must not see us doing it.

For instance, I may be seriously hungry in the misdt of my friends. Instead of me to order for a full plate of rice, I order for half full plate, because I felt  people must not see me eating that much. 

Let me ask you the following questions.. Are you trying to live up to other people’s expectations on you? Is your career your passion? Or you are just doing it to obey and please your parent?

The car you ride, do you buy it because it was your dream car or because most of your friends bought the same type?

I'm so sure, most of your response to your decisions have been influenced by the expectations of people in your life.

Who are you pleasing?

Very funny, You might not know, particularly who you are trying to satisfy. But it might be your parents, your friends, your spouse or the society.

Whoever it is, you’re likely listening to their opinions and trying to live up to their expectations more than your own without considering if those opiniors are bias or not.

The following are the simple ways to follow your mind instead of pleasing others with your life.

1) Take Responsibility: Make decision yourself. Most times, what usually stop us from been an achiever is our wrong ideology of seeking permission from others.

You want to start up a new career or business and your decision is solely dependent on what people perceived right for you. You might not achieve.

The best decision we can all take towards living our best life is to stop asking permission from others. Whenever we make big life changing decisions we don't need to solely depend on people.

Be responsible, and believe that, the only person you need to take permission from is yourself. Once granted, nobody can stop  you.

If you have an idea that you want to give a trial, try to give  it. Don’t look for validation from others or seek their approval. Just take your first step.

The day I created this blog, it came to my mind and I did...instantly. Supposed I consulted someone, he/she would have told me the reality...'blogging is stressful'. Then, I might not be blogging today.

Knowing what you want in life is enough. If you feel like taking another new dimension to do things in life, simply do it, and dont live your life for others.

Give Permission to yourself

You are responsible for your decision, its your life and you must be responsible for every single decision you take. So why always listening to others instead of your own view?

Believe me, the moment you start listening to your own voice and take steps that make you happy your life starts to change. Try to always take good decisions, because every decision you make guided by your own feelings gets you closer to living your best life.

If you’re the type living a life full of other people’s expectations, its better to take control from this moment.

 I hope this helps?

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    1. Thanks brother. It could be due to network. The sharing buttons are there.

  2. Mehnnnn this is a good food for thought.. Uthman how are you doing?

    1. Am fine are you doing? Happy weekend.

  3. this is such a great inspiring post.most people live for others.and it is very wrong


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