Thursday, 15 October 2015

My NYSC Service Year In Osun State

Just as time flies, it's my NYSC passing out today. Now dancing, saluting, rejoicing and celebrating a mission accomplished in my life. Serving Nigeria its a dream comes true to me.

It's has always been my childhood's dream, to grow up one day, get a higher institution's degree and go to National Youth Service in any of the best states in Nigeria.

To be addressed as a corps member fully dressed in Khaki and jungu boot, just to render my best in serving Nigeria through the NYSC scheme was what I love.

Posting to Place of Primary Assignment

Immediately after my three weeks orientation camp experience. In Ede camp osun state which was considered as the best camp in Nigeria . I was posted to serve in a public middle school in Ikirun. On getting into the school, as a Nigerian, I was not surprised to meet a delapidated situation of the school structure.

Maybe this was because I also attended public schools, from primary to the University. Therefore, the idea of no window, no table, no chair, tore uniform, students using nylon bags as school bags, wearing of slippers in public and so on.

In essence, my first day in the school came with no any form of surprise. Because, the school premises was exactly, the situation of other public school, I was familiar with.

Five corps members were posted to the school, including me. We met the principal, who accepted all of us and directed us to our various V.P that allocated courses to us. I was to take JSS3 classes Mathematics and Islamic studies.

My First Day In The Class

I went to the class together with my HOD for introduction, and first teaching. I thought them with full confidence, because it was not really my first time of teaching. After the whole thing, I gave them some evaluations for me to know how smart they were.

Though these days, most students don't like mathematics. But I was still wondered how those students got to Jss3 because of their worst performance in the evaluation.

That served as a red alert to me, that I had a lot to do for them to cope with the curriculum I was to meant to teach.

So I had to start teaching from a lower level. Teaching in that environment was not easy, a situation where majority of the students lack mathematical background, writing materials, chairs and lockers. Many do not even have passion to learn.

On so many cases, I had to organise lesson class just for us to cover up. Fially, they sat for jss3 exam and graduated. Most of them are now presently in the senior secondary school.

The school principal and my HOD were like a father and mother respectively. They are really wonderful people.

They tried as much as possible to give us the necessary trainings on how to understand official dealings and human relation. I really enjoyed working under them.

The Host Community

In a simple language, the people of Ikirun are peace loving citizens. On several occasions, I had personal contact with their king, their local government chairman and some other prominent people of the town. Based on what I observed, they are really nice people to be with and the state is one of the best for NYSC.

I never missed HOME, I only missed my people I left at home. This was made possible by my landlord, his wives and all his children. They all regarded me as their own son.

On countless occasions, I was meant to contribute to the family, in term of giving advice or suggestions. Over time, It got to a point that, I just believed they are my second family on earth...

Departing with Ajetunmobi's family today, is with a serious agony of saying goodbye to the loved ones. I will not say bye bye, but see you again.

Community Development Service(CDs)

Community development service is another cardinal of NYSC scheme. It made available an avenue where all corps members assembled at the local government secretariat. We were divided into various groups.
Drug free club in Nysc
Nysc drug free club

I belong to drug free club, the club where I served as the financial secretary. The position which I was also appointed to occupied at MCAN ( Muslim Coppers Association Of Nigeria).

We carried out so many campaigns against illegal drug usage, smoking, drinking and on several health issues. Though I'm an accountant by training, but I enjoyed working with those medical doctors and it was fun to help people.

Also, part of my contribution to National development was my participation in the 2015 genera election.

Me and my other colleagues discharged our duties and responsibilities without favour or bias. Even though, our security was not guaranteed.

The Friends I made

Part of what determine success in life is the types of friends you keep... I made so many wonderful new friends during the year. They really made my service year a worth while.

It beyond my imagination that, I can have a great connection of wonderful friends from various states of the federation so easy, within a year.

The following friends are worthy of appreciation. Omomeji from (Kwara), Saddati, Samaila (Adamawa), Reuben (Plateau), Sam (Bauchi), Abba (Yobe), Salamatu (Kogi), Sukurat( Oyo), Gidado, Ola, Nurudeen..(Kwara), Moses (Delta), Maxwel (Edo) to mention a few. They are all wonderful friends to always be remembered.

Nigerian Nysc members
Me, Rejoice & Reauben

I won't forget my very own service year 's daughter, though she always claim to be my NYSC mum, "Madam Rejoice" she is such a wonderful friend that understands me most.

She tends to know my joy, and my pain faster than I could imagine. I pray almighty God will bless her marriage and her family.

Let me say, I will miss everyone of them. But the pain of departing is not as great as athe joy of meeting again. Meet you all at the top.

Passing Out

This was the official winding up of the program. We were all meant to go back to orientation camp in Ede. This was where the curtain of the 2014 batch C service year was dropped down. We were issued certificates. That was how the hope of NYSC federal allowance increment to #49800 or #38,000 was aborted. As no increment took place in 2014/2015 batch C.

And everybody was celebrating...though few corps member were given extension of service for one reason or the other.

Passing out day was a great opportunity for us to exchange contacts and establish a permanent relationships with others .

I missed everyone, I missed the allowee and expecting the Sun state allowance as promised by the government.

Let there be no doubt, that I have served my country in my own best capability.


  1. Wow! Congrats Uthman, may the labour market favour you. Sure you enjoyed yourself and learnt one thing or the other during the 1 year service.

  2. big you into the next phase of'll get the best

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    1. Amen...thanks for the best wishes. Am honoured.

  3. Wooow! A big congrats...we proud of you.

  4. Congrats! May God grant your open doors amen.

  5. Thanks dear...really grateful for your comment.


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