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What To Do When Your Hard Efforts Are Not Appreciated

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Often times in life, we put so much efforts in in carry a particular task. We committed so much time and resources to ensure it is done in a perfect manner. 

It could be to pursue a goal, a career or to produce a particular thing. We just put in long hours, to ensure we get a positive complement from people or the one who assigned us that task.

Haven completed it, we breath a sigh of relieve, flashed a proud smile, expecting a great complement from our boss for a job well done. We are just so much sure, they will like it.
We proudly submit the work. Then we wait for  praises to descend on us. But to our greatest surprise, we never got anything of such, they remained silent. And when we even tried to let them talk...we got a negative statement.

My question is, can you handle this feeling? If yes, how do you handle it?  As a human being, it is in our nature to demand for recognition. People in general want or need recognition and respect from others.

The Natural Need Of Recognition 

It is natural, that whenever we are recognised and our efforts are appreciated, we feel satisfied, we experience feelings of worth, strength, confidence and adequacy. 

Before I finally quit my job. I had this boss, no matter how hard I tried to perform so well in my job, he never appreciate. He always fails to tell me what an impressive job I did.  

At a start, I used to feel so much disappointed and feel depressed about his negative comment on performance. Sometimes, I may even perform my task anyhow, since I was not expecting any good complement from him.

The truth is that, you might experience other negative emotions besides disappointment, such as anger toward the lack of appreciation or insecurity about the quality of your work.

But as I grow more in the job, I always work towards perfection, without expecting anyone to recognise or praise my efforts. I just fall in love with my job, and I feel like doing it more.

What To Do If You Efforts Are Not Appreciated By People

If you are always disappointed with your boss. Or if you’re a writer or blogger and your readers has never applaud you for all your sleepless and tireless efforts. Work through my following suggestions and you will never regret.
1) Don't Depend On Prople's Recognition:  Try as much as possible to avoid dependency on Prople's recognition. I accept,  it’s natural to want attention, but you should not become completely dependent on it.

If you do, each time you don’t receive the response you expected, you’ll find your confidence falling down than the last time. Before you know, you may not be able to perform any longer.  

2) Be In Love With What You Do:  You just need to love what you do. If you’re working only to receive praise, then the motivation for doing your task is ego-based and you’re likely to give up because your heart isn’t in it.

When I just started writing, I discovered that, haven put so many hours in writing, I never get any positive comment from readers. 

Instead, I received a lot of critism and negative comments from them. But I never mind, I just love writing, and I love talking to people through it. So I never got discouraged.

Honestly, if you sincerely love what you do, once your negative emotions wear off, your passion for your work will remain. 

You will keep at it because your love is true. Even if you never receive any recognition for your hard work, your adoration for what you do will not let you quit.
3) Some People are Not verbally expressive: Always remember that not everyone is verbally expressive. No matter how hard you tried to please them, or perfect your work.  

Some people are just not verbally appreciative. Your dad probably appreciate the gift you bought for him, your girlfriend/ wife really liked that shoe and bag you bought for her. But for whatever reason, they didn’t say it.

It could be that, they probably didn’t think it was that important. Or they probably not adept at giving compliments. Don’t write them off too soon, because one day when you least expect it, they might tell you how much they appreciates your work.  

4) Always be ready to accept critism: It is always good to accept constructive criticism as an expert. I made a comment on a blogger's post in one of these days and she never seems ready to accept critism.

She just always want to be praised, and does not appreciate you with a contrary view. This is not the best practice of a writer, you must be criticized and you must accept it.

5) Be Objective: You need to use objectivity when requesting feedback from people about what you have done. Though you might have worked hard on your performance, the recipient might not see it up to that level you are seeing it. 

Therefore; do not appreciate yourself all alone or appear as though you’re fishing for compliments. Instead, display a genuine desire to know whether you did the task to their satisfaction. By doing this, you will get a satisfactory comment without been disappointed.

I Hope This Helps?

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  1. Point two and four enough for me. Hello everyone here..

    1. Its nice you find it useful. thanks for your comment.

  2. It's so true some people are not verbally expressive. Tho they appreciate it but to say it na war.
    Some people are just natural critic no matter what you do, they will never appreciate, and that doesn't mean they do not appreciate it. people
    Like that shouldn't be taken so serious.


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