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You Have Nothing To Lose Go On And Pursue Your Dream

Nothing to lose in life, pursue Your dream
Do you have anything to lose? Or let me say What do you have to lose in life while pursuing your dream? Ok...agreed, let assume they are so many to mention. 

But is that a good reason to be scared away from making certain productive moves? Don't you think you are getting restricted with this your belief of losing out?

How many times in life have you failed in pursuing your dream because you were scared of losing? You should be more successful in that business, but you are scared of losing your money.

Or what are you even scared of? To me, fear does not exist...on my own  personal belief. So many problems can be avoided if you would simply structure your life in such a way that, you have nothing to lose.

Often times when we want to lay our hands on a particular venture, the first restriction thought that comes into our minds is fear of not making it.

Majority would have been more successful today without this fear. Let just imagine the kind of heavy burden that gets taken off our shoulders when we realize that we don’t have to worry about losing anything.

This in turn gives you more freedom to do the things that you want to do most, without having to worry about losing anything.

It would have been better if we play the game of life as if we've gotten nothing to lose. But what a wrong mindset, that we always be conscious of failure. That has made us become so caught up in playing it safe and sticking to the tried and true path.

We tends to grow up with a limited possibility of living a fulfilling lives. This is because, as we grow up with this fear, our tolerance for risk significantly decreases. If you want to get big results you have to take big risks.

Nobody made a fortune or ever got everything they wanted out of life by playing it safe. fact most of the time the only way you’re going to find out if something will be a success is by just doing it or believing you got nothing to lose.

 University of Ilorin For instance

As a final year student of the school, irrespective of our department. We were meant to write a computer proficiency test known as DLC. Mainly for final year students and a zero course unit.

Having 'A' in that very course means nothing, also failing it does not stop one from graduating and it has no effect in anyway on one's CGPA. It wa an exam we just had to write to receive a computer proficiency certificate.

DLC is an exam students don't prepare for but often get A'. Every student believed they had nothing to lose so they seat for the exam without fear of failure....and I think this ideology is what make them pass it with A, while having a lesser grades in other courses.

Let take this as another example

As a young man/woman with a very lucrative job and salary. You got an invitation for an interview with another company you jokingly applied online. Attending such an interview would be free of fear and tension. The reason been that, you know, that you have nothing to lose, if they refuse to employ you. 

You ideology is contrary to someone without any job attending the same interview. You level of confidence, your composure and response to questions cannot in anyway be compared with him. Don't be surprised you will get the job even though you don't need it, while he will fail due to tension and fear.

If you want as many things as you like to be achieved in life, work hard to get them, but don’t ever be afraid of losing them. In fact, be perfectly capable of living without them. The moment you let yourself be controlled by the fear of losing something, you are exposing yourself to failure.

How fear kills people's ambitions

Often times when we want to take a particular risk, the fear will comes in. Our minds have some great playing tricks on how to get us restricted.  Thoughts like these will always occur to you whenever you want to make a productive decision.

You found a girl attractive, you love her  and you can't wait to have her in your life...the best thing to do is to talk to her about it. But your mind will play you and tell you... If you should go and talk to that girl, she might turn you down and refuse to accept. But it doe'nt matter. 

You are a lifestyle blogger, you want to write and make a post about your experience. Its a good idea, but your mind will say something like this...what if people think you’re crazy, think your article is a waste of time or don’t agree with your points. And you stop.  

You want to do this and that, but you are so scared of what people will say, thinking that you have something to lose.

Fear of losing out is dangerous, it has nothing good to offer, than to get you restricted. Be focused, work hard and and do away with fear.

Fear is not REAL.

I hope this helps?


  1. This post is talking to me.
    Thanks for inspiring

    1. Am happy its useful for you...try the the tips out

  2. yes o bolatito

  3. Fear is a big killer, good one Uthman.

  4. I've always learnt not to allow the fear of the unknown not to stand in my way to achieving my life's goals. Thanks for this awesome post Uthman

  5. Very Great bro. Indeed Inspiring


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