Tuesday, 27 October 2015

You Must Invest Thousands Of Hours On Your Passion To Be Successful

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How many days, week, months or years do I have to invest in pursuing my passion before I become successful? Do I have to spend 24 hours per day, or spend 168 hours a week to pursue my dream? If I must do that to survive, was that what every successful people do?

Can I now conclude that  everyone who is successful in this life had invested thousands of hours? If yes, does the amount of hours required to put in depends on the magnitude of the dream someone want to achieve?

My sincere response to all these questions is....


You must invest your time tirelessly in pursuing your passion.

How I Came Into Writing

If there is anything I love so much on this earth,  I think is "Writing". I love writing far back before I knew you can earn money with it. I just wanted to write, even though nobody reads.

Since I can't do without it, I started putting a lot of efforts in learning the skills. I read from books to books, manual to jounals and articles.

I read alot of online publications teaching writing skills. I kept so many secret and open mentors on the field of writing. And offcourse, I used countless hours to write.

In recent time, I receive compliments from people and readers, telling me am so blessed with writing talent. Though its a nice compliment, but it has to do with hardwork and consistent practice. 

Every talent you got is a gift from God and you just got luck to have it. But the development and the proper utilization of that skills is your responsibility. My writing skills is developed from endless hours of writing.

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t have been able to develop writing skills if not for thousands of hours I put in learning and practicing.

Importance Of Constant Practice To Develop Talent

Let me use successful people for instance.
If you take a proper look at all the successful people around you. All their skills have been acquired through time, hard work and experience. They would not have gotten to that level, if they are lazy with it. 

In football, most of the players you so much respected because of their high performance on their field got to that level as a result of constant training. 

Among other footballers, they are the people who invested extra time in getting themselves trained.

I never disput that, their success was driven by some inbuilt talents, but most of these talents took their roots from hardworking and continous efforts.

In my undergraduate days in the Polytecnics and University classes. The best students in those classes do get great result not because they were the most talented students in the class. Though we do see them as such.

What most of us failed to know, that was behind their great results were many extra hours spent in self-studying. Uncountable numbers of hours they spend reading text books and the valuable amount of money they spend in buying books. I perceived their performance as a reward for their extra ordinary efforts invested.

Why People Fail To Develop Talent?

The only response I can give to this question is that, most people usually see top performers when they have achieved a certain level of skills. They don’t see their endless hours invested before this expertise is attained. 

Are you among those people who have a goal where you feel you don’t have the talent to achieve it? Do you know everyone is talented? Whether you believe it or not, you already have the talents required to achieve your goal. 

The only missing piece of the puzzle is not that you lack talent, but to invest the hours of hard work required.

So therefore, instead of you attributing skills and high performance as luck alone, it is something experts achieved with thousands of hours of hardworking and commitment.

For you to achieve that dream, invest thousands of hours and be prayerful. You will surely get there, and never give up.

I hope this helps?


  1. I agree with you Saheed, you need to invest time, on your passion to become successful. Most of these successful bloggers don't joke with time


  2. When you dedicate much time to whatever you're doing, and then add it up with prayers and determination, success will surely be yours in no distant time.

  3. You need much time to get what you want out of life. Even a small amount of time once a day will take you closer to your goal and you will be surprise at the progress you make.

  4. I totally agree with you Uthman.
    I got on here via BMF


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