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Differences Between Being Cheated On And Being Deceived In A Relationship

differences between being cheated on or being deceived in a relationship

Cheating doesn’t make you deceitful, but you have to be deceitful to cheat. Do you know there are differences between cheating and deception in a relationship? On so many occasions, people mistaken these for each other. So many heartbroken lovers could not really say whether they were being cheated on or they were deceived. This often make them fall a victim again and again.

Cheating and deception are two different instances in a relationship. One can easily be forgotten while the other will leave us seriously heartbroken and make it difficult for us to forget. The later is deception.  Deception is something that is far worse than cheating. If you've ever experienced both, you will surely know that there are serious differences between the two, and they are incomparable.

With this post, I've highlighted some differences that exist between being cheated and being deceived in a dating relationship.

1) Cheating Doesn’t Have Reasons While Deception Does: On so many occasions, I've heard of partners that cheated lamenting that they don't even know the reason why they involved themselves in such. It could be that, they were just unnecessarily being attracted and fall. That's why when someone cheats on you, they don’t have a lot of reasons to give because it’s a mistakes and most times you don't always have reason to explain your mistakes.

Deception on the other hand is different from this, it is always with intention followed up by several reasons. The partner who deceived you presented him/herself as the most trustworthy person on earth, making you to trust them a lot and finally let you down. It is not a mistake and they are never being attracted before they cheat.

2) Deception Is The Most Difficult Thing To Forgive, While Cheating Could: It's not new to see partners who was cheated on still coming back compromise with the lovers who cheated on them, after they might have forgiven them. This could be because the partner had either repented and seek for forgiveness, or the other partner sees it as a mistake and forgive.

While deception is something far worse than a mistake, and that's why partners who deceive aren’t even completely sorry for what they did, and they damn sure will do it again whenever they get the chance to. So also, the cheated partners never get any reason to forgive them.

3) Deception Is Planned, While Cheating Is Not: For you to deceive someone by promising them marriage which you know will never come to reality, you have to plan it. you have to sit down and draw a plan of how to go about it, how to make your partner to believe in you that you loved them while you don't. That's why deception is much more complex in nature and difficult to detect. They don't use to feel sorry, they don't even see it as a mistake talk-less of apologizing and repenting.

While partners who cheat, don't usually plan to cheat, and often never forget their mistakes, this makes them a better person in the future because they just don’t want to make the same mistake again.
4) Partners Who Cheat Are Always Smart: Sometimes, when you have a partner that cheats at home. It is very easy to detect. They start behaving and reacting strange to issues. They don't feel comfortable to answer their calls in your presence. They just do some kind of strange funny things that will hints you. 

It is contrary with partners who commit deception. They are always intelligent and smart enough to make you belief what they said. You will hardly suspect them, they feel comfortable at anytime and you have no reason to suspect them. They are smart and intelligent enough to make you believe in whatever lies they tell you. Even when you caught them red handed, they will always have things to explain to you with good reasons for you to belief them. They are so terrible to deal with.

Have you ever being deceived or cheated on in the past?


  1. yes i have been deceived and cheated on in time past.thank God its history now

  2. dear bolatito fashina, pray for those that you have cheated and deceive not try to retaliate

  3. My ex cheated on me thinking I wouldn't find out, but he was surprised when I convicted him of his sins. I'm glad I'm finally with the man of my dreams

  4. Hmmmn...cheating and deceit can be so hurtful and traumatic.


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