Thursday, 19 November 2015

Different Partners And How They Respond To Issues In Relationship

In nature people are different and the way they respond to  certain relationship issues are also far different from one another. Sometimes it could be difficult to you apply certain principles that worked out well with lover A to B. To cope with different individuals, you  just have to observe the kind of person your partners are, and work with it.

After series of forum chat with my friends today about their lovers, I discovered that every person requires different kind of treatment and attention for you to cope with them.

To keep an healthy relationship, you must do all it takes to understand your partner by knowing the kind of person he/she is and familiar yourself with what they want from you.

Based on the response of those who parcipated in the chat, I categorised lovers into four and how they wanted you to treat them. So be familiar with the kind of partner you keep.

1) Light Minded People: These kind of lovers are so simple to manage. Though they are always principled but its very easy to cope with them. They only want you to show them little love and appreciate them. If you can do this for them, they can compromise and let go of the mistakes you made to hurt them. This is it is because it’s easier for them to forgive than to keep malice.

All they want is to be appreciated for all those compromises they made. If you got them offended, all you need to do is to move more closer, tease them, play with them, that could be enough for them to forgive you as easy.

2) Always Want surprise:  If you are in a relationship, you will know that its always wonderful to have a kind of  surprise package from your lover. There are some lovers who like to be surprised every now and then.

It makes them feel special. Surprises to them means alot. The best gift you can give them is surprises. Like visiting them uninformed....they would be like wow!

If you have a kind of partner like that, it cost you nothing to always give them some kind of surprises often.

3) Always Demand For The Truth: These kind of partner are so unique. They are always with 'Yes or No'. They just want a straight and simple answer to the whole argument on ground. They don't always want you to complicate issues. Just tell them the truth.

Though it might hurt you or them to speak the truth but that is all they want. They aren’t the kind who would be able to forgo things just because you brought them a gift, apologised or any form of surprises.

4) Those That Just Need An Apology: In most cases of relationship problems, what some partners needed is a simple words of apology. They don’t want to make a point through a prolonged fight or a silent treatment, they just want to be apologised to for the mistake you have made.

They can easily forgive, they just want their partners to accept that they were wrong and to regret for doing something wrong and that they would not do it again. A simple sorry can do wonders for you if your partner is this kind.

5) Always Want To Forget It: In relationship, some people don't realy need much to settle issues. They don’t want an apology or an explanation. All they want is to have a little alone time that will help them forget about it. With such people, let them have a little alone time.

Then start acting normal, the same way you held their hand or joked with them. This helps them forget about it. And maybe when you feel they are comfortable and back to normal, say sorry in the most subtle and indirect way. That’s what they require.


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