Friday, 20 November 2015

Do You Have problem Trusting Your Partner? This is How To Fist It

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The best way to be in an happy relationship is to have trust in your partner. Believe and have confidence in them that they cannot hurt or betray you. No matter the distance and the problem, trust keeps you two together. But if you can’t trust your life partner then you two may not enjoy the relationship, as such, the relationship is exposed to various internal challenges from both of you. relationship is bound to break if any one of the partner is having trust issues.

When you have problem in trusting your partner, it can easily destroy the beauty of your relationship. To make your relationship ever-lasting and successful you need to over come your fear and doubt. You need to heal your past wounds from disappointment and move on.

In case you are facing issues and you feel that your present life is being seriously affected by your trust issues, then you need to work on them.
To make your relationship ever-lasting and successful you need to over come your insecurities. You need to heal your past wounds from disappointment and move on.
Here are some of the brilliant ways to overcome trust issues in any relationship.
1) Develop Trust In Yourself: Most times, the only question I used to ask any partner with problem of trusting the other person is, if they really trust their personal self. Hardly would someone who don't trust him/herself believe in someone else. For you to have believe in your partner, you just have to trust yourself.

Once you learn to trust yourself, you will have a positive self-image and you will trust your abilities, your strengths and your potentials. Trusting your own self helps you overcome many of your insecurities and eventually you will over-come your trust issues.
2) Take Your Mind Away From Previous Disappointments: If you meet most people with trust issues, you will not be surprised to find out that, they were once been betrayed. Its as a result of that disappointment, that they've decided not to trust anyone again. One of the most important step in overcoming your trust issues in relationship is to deal with your past disappointments and pains. 
It could be the pain from a broken relationship, failed friendship or infidelity on part of our loved ones; all these distressing experiences are very painful. Such unfortunate events of our life are a source of constant heartaches if they are not dealt with well in time.
No matter how painful they could be, we should not make these painful occurrences to affect our lifestyle, especially in trusting others. Take time to heal from your last disappointments and develop a mindset of moving on.
3) Stop Spying On Your Partner: You can't trust people by trailing on them. Your suspicion has gone to the level of following them up and down. You need to give their privacy. Even though they love you, yet no one wants to be spied around all the time. So, try to give people their needed space.
If you noticed you've developed the habit of constantly stalking your life partner on Facebook, social media, sneaking through their personal items, like phones, computer and diaries, then you are just putting your relationship into more vulnerable situation.

You have to stop doing this. Back off and give your significant other some space and privacy. This way you both will share a mutual level of trust.
4) Be Opened To People: How does this relate? I know you might like to ask. But I guess you are not expecting people to trust you too when you've never opened up to them about your relationship? You can't just expect others to understand what you have not said or express with attitude. 
Don’t just expect him/her to comprehend everything or anything on their own. This will save you from a lot of stress and disappointments. Be open and communicate frankly with your life partner to overcome all your trust issues. 


  1. Ahahahahah number 3 got me.. I agree with you though and we really need to trust ourselves

  2. nice post very inspiring

  3. Lack of trust is no doubt a destructive element in relationships

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  4. What a useful post for everyone in a relationship. Trust is really a very big issue in many relationships today. May God heal every home/relationship that is going through turmoil as a result of trust issues

  5. Trust is essential for a successful relationship.


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