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Do You Know That The Person Who Broke Your Heart Cannot Heal You?

How to mend a broken heart and fall in love again
If you've once experienced an heartbreak before. You will agree with me that, the most terrible thing that can happen to a person who is sincerely in love is heartbreak. What makes it more painful is not because you might not find someone to replace him/her, but because the hope, the aspiration, the joy and togetherness you enjoyed would no longer be there.

Though there can be a number of reasons for which people leave their partners. But in whatever cases, those who are left behind are the ones who suffer a lot. Irrespective of the plead, explanations and reasons that could be offered, nothing can minimise your heartache that resulted from this breakup.

When someone with genuine love is left heartbroken, it is normal to feel so disappointed and go through some emotional disorderliness. Some people experiences psychological intimidation. To come back to normal, it takes a reasonable numbers of time.

Now How Do I Move On After An Heartbreak?
Some people after been heartbroken, their only fear is the fear of moving on. How do I move on from here? With whom will I start moving. All these questions keep coming without a reasonable response from yourself.

The reason why moving on could be so difficult is that, whenever you lose the love of your life, you lose a part of yourself and you become unconcious of everything other than the pains your ex left behind.

When I was heartbroken, I realised that recovering from a heartbreak was certainly the most painful experience I've ever had in relationship. The healing period was so tough that I felt I needed someone to to save me from the pain. I wished I could call her back and she assist. The only thing I thought was that, the person who was so strong to hurt me, could not heal me. But how do I move on? I was confuased....I know you  too.

Whatever means you want to take to move on... Remember this:

Your Ex Cannot Heal You From Heartbreak

Thinking he or she is the only one that can help you have trust in love again is impossible. He or she actually left you in a miserable state of mind without looking back. His or her unfaithfulness has caused you serious pains.

Expecting such a person to be the last hope is a waste of time. You will surely not go far with them again if you start, because they have all the capability of betraying and deceiving you again and again. Why put yourself in a vulnerable position again?


Has your Ex changed? Has he/she realised her mistakes and apologized? Or you are just forcing yourself on him just because you need somebody? If he has not change and regret he will surely hurt you again. Remember that your Ex didn’t value you in the past and that's why he left. There is also no guarantee that he won't dump you again.

  Even though she was been cheated on, a friend, after going to plead to her ex and he accepted her back. After sometimes, she could not cope anymore. She completely lone her self-esteem for going back to beg for love. And up till now, she lives to regret her action. 

Now you want to consider getting a new partner?  It's ok...But he/she cannot heal you either. They can always try their best, but nobody can heal you of an heartbreak.

Only You Can Heal Yourself Of An Heartbreak

Why not taking it up as a challenge for yourself? Instead of expecting someone else to come and heal you, you should try to stand on your own. Whether it’s your Ex or a new love in your life, no one can heal you completely. Only you can fill the emptiness inside you. Feel the power inside you to heal yourself. 

Anytime you feel depressed and down with grief, remind yourself that you don’t need anyone or anything to make you happy. You need to try as much as possible to be your own healer and heart mender. No one can do it better than you do, because no one knows you better than you do among human.

Or What do you think?

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  1. You're so correct Uthman, the most terrible thing that can happen to a person who is sincerely in love is heartbreak. I remember when it once happened to me. But I thank God for my life today.


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