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Do You Know When To Quit And When To Continue Pursuing Your Passion?

Nothing is more frustrating than getting to know that you've just given up, when it was a step ahead for you to succeed. Some other times, you will realise that, long time ago, was the best time for you to had given up. The decision of whether to give up or not and at what time, is very important in one's life.

You might be so confused at present. Thinking of whether to quit or not. Should you quit and give up on that business idea? Your stressful job? Your relationship or schooling?  You can't even take a decision on those other commitments that are both so hard to keep doing and so hard to leave.

Knowing When To Quit

Most times changing can be frightening, there are always some positives things to hold you back, and quitting often make one feels like a failure. Especially if you've already invested a lot of efforts or time in the career. Still, if it's come to the point where you know something has to change, take a step back and see how to go about it.

There  is nothing which is more appreciated in one's effort than making the right life decisions at the right time. As a human being who want to progress in life, sometimes, we need to take a few steps backward. So also in another time, we need to push ahead in spite of all obstacles.

The Following Might Be The Best Time For You To Quit:

1) You've Never Experience Any Hope Than Frustration: You don't feel like giving up, even though you seem not to notice any hope of success in achieving your goals. Sincerely speaking, You don't have to waste too much of your time in pursuing a career if your experiences is constantly negative for a long period of time, you have to consider leaving or you make some radical change to how things are done.

A very brilliant friend of mine quit college of medicine in University of Ilorin when he completed  200level. After proper statistics and personal evaluation, he decided to quit. To start afresh somewhere else.

This is what he said...

``I can't continue to waste my time here, I might not make it to the end. I've experienced too much bad experience here for a very long period of time''.

That was how he left. Today, he is now a medicine and surgery student in a University in America.  He is pursuing his career in medicine but in a different convenient and better environment compared to where he quit.

I always imagined, what if he had refused to quit, got glued to it and at the end, never make it in Nigerian University? He would have wasted his time, resources and energy without any achievement.

2) You Can't Find A Possible Solution To What You See As An Obstacle.
No matter how hard you tried, you can't still find a Possible Solution to the very same problem that has been dragging you down. Then, you still have no confidence as to whether things will change or not.

For instance, in your place of work where you are long time due for promotion which has always failed to come to reality for several years. Despite all your commitment, hardwork and dedication to work than other colleagues, they are constantly promoted without you.

The only obstacle that is stopping you from getting it, is your manager who is not even ready to change as long as possible. In such a situation, you might be left with no option than to quit and move on to somewhere else.

Working in such an organisation for too long could deprive you of getting a more rewarding job somewhere or seriously damages your well-being. Therefore, it's a huge red flag if your current situation is taking a toll on your mental and physical health. You have to get out of terrible relationships where a partner, client, or boss doesn't appreciate your value.   

3) Staying For Wrong Reasons
You should have quit and give up for a good reasons, but you insisted on staying for wrong reasons. If your decision to stay is based more on fear than faith, you're probably in it for the wrong reasons.

You are in that very wrong relationship till now because you are afraid to hurt someone's feelings. Or you don't want people to condem you. This might be the right time for you to quit and move on.

What To Do Before You Finally Call It Quit

After reading this post and you felt like giving up, you need to do the following to be sure that you're making the right decision.
 It is a must that you try as much as possible to identify the real cause of your problem. What is making you sad and unhappy, find them out before You make a decision.

For instance, it might not be your manager the is your problem, that is stopping you from getting promotion. Maybe you're just missing the right tools or skills to finish job and receive credit. So try to identify the real issues before you proceed to quit.


  1. Ok sir. I receive grace to know the right time to quit relationship and career that is not beneficial. A good write-up.

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