Saturday, 14 November 2015

Easy Ways On How To Get Up When Disappointment Got You Down

One thing about disappointment is that, it happens often, yet it won't stop hurting us. This is because human being are created in a nature that places heavy reliance or expectation on promises or uncertainty.

That's why most times, not getting what we've already relied on could be so devastating. It get us down so easily, and most people are usually left with no options than to shed tears. But no matter how hurtful it is, disappointment is inevitable. Its part of our daily lifelyhood.

Disappointment In Relationship

Often times we keep relationship with someone we so much love and has given our lives to. We made so many promises, he /she promises marriage and several other things that got us convinced that we've found the right person.

Even when we are opportune to meet people with better prospective in marriage opportunities, we never give them a second thought. We say no to every other person that comes our way.

Until recent time when he/she started giving us flumzy excuses on why the promises cannot be fulfiled. In a matter of weeks, we heard he/she is getting married to someone else.

Disappointment from people 

On several occasions we received alot of promises from people around us. Our parents, partners, boss, friends, politicians...and they never turn out to fulfill them.

In this part of Africa, when a child loses his parents and becomes an orphan. He/she is bound to get a lot of promises like...I will do this and that to support your improve and upgrade your life and the likes.

Comes to the time we are highly in need of such promises to be fulfilled. They are not just there for us. They refused to establish a contact with us, and even when we call, no one is there to respond.

The school fees is yet to be paid, the house rent is still outstanding, our social status and standard of living is getting to a ridiculous level. Yet they are not there to fulfill those wonderful promises they once made.

Personally, I've experienced  alot of disappointments from people who I felt should not have gotten me down. Some times, I would have to bite my fingers for relying on them for the first instance.

Getting over my disappointment took time, but when I finally did it, it was like lifting a weight off my shoulders.

If you’ve been disappointed before and you felt so bad about it. Here’s how to deal with it:

1) Reduce Your Expectations From People: The common cause of disappointment is placing high expectation on uncertainties. Whenever you are been let down, evaluate all your expectations in detail. There is high tendency that you place a too high hope on People or an uncertainty.

Placing too high expectation on something could be an easy link to been disappointed.
Find the root of your disappointment, and you can confront and overcome it. Try to avoid unnecessary disappointment from people or a circumstance by reducing the level on which you rely on promises.

2) Be grateful: When disappointment just took place, it might be difficult to think positive. You have to try as much as possible to practice gratitude for the things that came at the appropriate time without disappointment.

You have to help yourself see the good in what might be at first perceived as a disappointment, show appreciation and move on.

3) Put Yourself In His/Her Situation: Been disappointed could be hurful. But despite what it might feel like, sometimes things happen that aren’t meant to hurt you. Take your time to access the situation from another perspective. Its possible the disappointment is to your own advantage.

If you feel like someone let you down, trying to see the situation from that person's point of view helps you understand the situation better, and get over it more easily.

Been disappointed hurts and is never a good feeling, but you don’t need to let it hang over you for a very long time because it has a way of discouraging you. Moreover, most disappointment is said to be a blessing.


  1. Your thoughts are always very welcome and your advice worthwhile.

  2. I have learnt recently to not expect much from people. Ever since a closed friend disappointed me.

  3. Disappointments can be a big burden if it's allowed a big place in our hearts. Good read

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